A Comprehensive Guide: How To Use Tampons?


Tampons are one of the most suitable hygiene products that absorb menstrual fluid and provide leakage protection. These are small and cylindrical in shape, and are typically made up of organic cotton, which is one of the most absorbing fabrics. The tampons are designed in a way that they are meant to be inserted into the vagina.  

Size Of Tampons

The tampons come in three sizes according to the menstrual flow:

  • Regular: A regular-size tampon is suitable for people with light to medium menstrual flow. It absorbs 6-9 grams of period blood. 

  • Super: A super absorbency tampon is appropriate for people with medium to heavy menstrual flow as it can absorb 9-12 grams of period blood.

  • Super Plus: A super plus absorbency tampon is a perfect fit for people with very heavy menstrual flow. Its absorbency level is high as it can absorb 12-15 grams of menstrual fluid. 

  • If you are a beginner or have been using tampons already, you will find valuable additional details in this article regarding how to use tampons for periods.

    How To Insert Tampons? 

    Here’s a guide about how to use tampons for beginners as well as existing tampon users:

    The tampons can be inserted in two ways:

    • Without an applicator 
    • With an applicator


    How To Use Tampons Without An Applicator?

    Inserting the tampon into your vagina may seem a bit critical, however, if you follow the right steps, you can do it with ease. Follow the steps below:

  • Wash your hands: This is to ensure that your hands are germ-free. If you insert a tampon with dirty hands, it may cause an infection in your vagina.

  • Comfortable position: Try to achieve a comfortable position to insert the tampon. You can either sit on the toilet seat with your knees apart or, stand with one leg placed on the toilet seat or a higher surface. You can also squat or sit like a frog to ensure maximum ease while inserting it.

  • Locate your vagina: Most of the individuals are unaware of where their vagina exists. You must be aware of your urethra, the passage from where the urine passes. The vagina is present right below it, the hole from where the menstruation fluid passes out of the body.

  • Open your vagina: Open your vagina with the help of your other hand if you are a beginner. 

  • Insert the tampon: Place the tip of the tampon on your vagina and use your middle finger to gently push it inside. 

  • Leave the string: The string of the tampon is meant for easy removal. Make sure to leave it outside only.

  • How To Use Tampons With An Applicator?

    If you’re a beginner or have been finding difficulty in inserting the tampon by only using your hands, you can insert it with the help of an applicator. It makes the insertion process quite easy and requires minimal effort.

    how to use tampon with an applicator

  • Follow the first four steps mentioned above for the insertion without any applicator.
  • Insertion: Hold the applicator tampon between your middle finger and thumb. Place it on your vagina and then push the inner tube inside to insert the tampon properly into your vagina. 
  • Remove the applicator: Gently pull out the applicator from your vagina.

  • Why use tampons?

    Tampons are a popular menstrual product choice for several reasons. Firstly, they provide enhanced mobility and freedom of movement since they are worn internally. 

    This allows users to engage in various physical activities without feeling restricted like swimming. Secondly, tampons are discreet and virtually invisible from the outside, ensuring privacy and confidence during menstruation. 

    They also offer effective absorbency, available in different levels to suit individual flow needs, reducing the risk of leaks and potential discomfort. Lastly, tampons can be more comfortable for many individuals when correctly inserted, allowing them to go about their daily routines with greater ease and confidence during their menstrual cycle.


    Tampons are great menstrual products for maintaining hygiene during menstruation. The process of inserting them into the vagina may seem a bit critical and uncomfortable. However, once you start using it with proper instructions, you will find no difficulty and feel carefree in terms of rashes and leakage protection. You can do any sports activities during your periods, be it swimming, football, or others.


    This blog is written by Komal Gupta 

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