About Us

From the Bottom Up

The dreadful experience that has always troubled women while visiting public washrooms led to a journey of research and development by the co-founder, Srijana Bagaria, with the help of her husband and the Founder, Vikas Bagaria. They were determined to find a way out of risking UTI and other hazardous infections every time someone visited a public washroom.

The Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray was introduced shortly thereafter. A spray that has saved millions of women across the country from the risk of contracting UTI.

The Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray has been a saving grace for all public toilets since 2013. With this product in their bag, everyone, especially women, feels much safer knowing that their risk of contracting UTI and other infections has been reduced by 99.9%.

Gradually, the need for a lot of other hygiene essentials was identified and we took it upon ourselves to talk about things that are usually hushed in society. So, over the last three years, the company has expanded into several personal hygiene categories including feminine hygiene (pads, tampons, cups, etc), men's intimate hygiene and female grooming (FURR), Sexual Wellness (DOMINA), hand hygiene (Palm Safe), face mask and mist (Pollution Safe), while also being one of the leading pioneers in a few sub-categories.

We take pride in ourselves for being outspoken, bold, courageous, witty, and a personal hygiene expert.

Today, Pee Safe retails upwards of 10,000 retail counters across 100+ cities in India and exports to 15 countries along with a presence in all major e-commerce marketplaces, apart from their own online platforms. In January 2020, Pee Safe was awarded Amazon Best SMB Brand 2020 in the presence of CEO Jeff Bezos for their remarkable achievements on Amazon India, and LinkedIn awarded Pee Safe for being one of the Top 10 Startups in 2020.

Vikas Bagaria, Founder & CEO
Vikas is a businessman with more than 25 years of experience in setting up and successfully growing businesses. He has always focused on product development, regulatory compliance, building strategic alliances, and driving sales. Vikas has previously started 3 ventures, viz, SafetyKart, VR Forklift, and SRV Controls.

Srijana Bagaria, Co-founder
Srijana is a serial entrepreneur and manages multiple ventures, ranging from logistics management to retail to transit risk management services. Her personal experience inspired the idea of Pee Safe, and today Srijana serves as an ambassador for "women's hygiene." She also serves as an angel investor in companies like Wittyfeed, Dibz, Triplived, and Shaadi Saga.

Rithish Kumar, Co-founder
Rithish is a graduate of Business & Finance from the College of Business Studies, University of Delhi. With a knack for understanding consumers and building brands, he has been instrumental in Pee Safe’s marketing strategy, and setting up e-commerce for the brand. Prior to Pee Safe, he had brief stints in consulting, startups, and investments.
About Our Core Team

Ajeet Kumar Srivastav (R&D and Compliance)
Ajeet has over 14 years of experience in medical research with 23 International Research papers. He looks after the product R&D and compliance aspects.

Nalini Kanta Sasmal (RAJ) (Warehouse & Logistics)
Raj has experience of 15+ years in warehousing and operations. 

Nupur Aggarwal (Alliances & Institutional Sales)
Nupur is a software engineer turned Sales expert. Prior to joining Pee Safe, she ran three ventures of her own where she managed regional sales & operations of Fortune 500 companies.

Sanat Sahu (International Business & B2B)
Sanat leads International business and has built our presence in over 18 countries across the sub-continent, GCC, North America, and Europe. 
Saksham Goel (Finance & Accounts)
Saksham is a Chartered Accountant by qualification, having worked with Big4s like Deloitte and KPMG in their audit and assurance functions. He also brings with him the experience of financial controllership at a growth-stage startup.

Sapna Dalmia (Treasury)
Sapna has over 13 years of experience across finance, accounts, and taxation. She plays a pivotal role in bookkeeping and treasury at Pee Safe.



  • The brand name is Pee Safe with a space unlike the popular belief of it being PeeSafe. 
  • Pee Safe’s logo being black in colour was a conscious call to emphasize the fact that it stands for killing germs. 
  • Pee Safe, Raho Safe, Mosquito Safe, Pollution Safe, FURR, Domina, and Palm Safe are all parallel brands under the parent company - Redcliffe Hygiene Pvt Ltd. 
  • Multiple Pee Safe products are free from animal cruelty and are vegan. 
  • Mint was the first fragrance in the Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray category and also the first Pee Safe product ever to be launched in 2013.
  • The brand has made its presence in countries and continents such as Bhutan, Nepal, USA, UAE, Uganda, Africa, Qatar, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Europe and the United Kingdom.
  • The 1st Feminine Cramp Relief Roll-On in the Indian market.
  • Our Aloe Vera infused Panty Liners are the only ones in the market that include the freshness of Aloe Vera and are as long as 185mm. Longer than all the others. 
  • Our female condom is named DOMINA which stands for women of rank. The name is an amalgamation of Condom and Vagina.