To always keep you on the go, safe and comfortable, Raho Safe brings you a range of hygienic products to protect you from unhealthy and uncomfortable surroundings. With us, your safety, both inside and outside the comfort of your homes, is cared for.

Protect, Prevent and Care

We are assisting India in eliminating the problem of basic menstrual hygiene facilities by collaborating with 120+ organisations, 50+ Ambassadors, and 300+ Menstrual Hygiene Awareness Drives around the world. Until now, our #HaqSePeriod and #MenBuyPads campaigns have reached half a million people. We always put your safety first with our wide range of basic hygiene products.


HaqSePERIODis an initiative started by Pee Safe and Raho Safe, a brand working towards menstrual hygiene. HaqSePERIOD’s mission is to aid the current situation of menstrual hygiene in India by spreading awareness and educating women about the importance of menstrual hygiene. We are focussed to fight the taboos and stigma around menstruation that still exist in developing countries like India.

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Raho Safe Sanitary Pads fulfil my two major needs when it comes to menstruation: natural and leak-proof pads. So, if you want to walk around without worrying about leaks and itchy rashes, look no further than Raho Safe, which truly does it all.

Soumya, 26