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Menstrual Cups
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One Final Hassle free PeriodWondering about using a menstrual cup for a very long time...Finally came across Peesafe's Instagram post and knew more about it...That was it...Ordered it straight away...It was a success in inserting it correctly the very first time..Never felt being ina period the entire time...I would recommend everyone to give it a try.. You'll never regret!!! 😉😁

Kiruthikha Prabhu

I have used this product and I liked it very much and I also saw difference by using it thanks to Pee Safe

Kusam Mahour

Works like a charm!
I was super unsure about using a new hair removal cream because I've had a previous experience where it didn't quite work well for me. But I'm glad I tried PeeSafe's Fire cause the product is effective and has no negative side effects. I like the smell, consistency, price and packaging of the cream!


Panty liners
Awesome .. easy to use for daily purposes ..
And it's hitchy free the greatest thing am looking for, finally tried pee safe liners it kinda adopted to my skin .. rashes free and burning free ☺️ am happy with the product
Thank you

subhashini soundar

Useful Product
Sanitisers are now an essential part of life. I am using this product way before pandemic. Useful product specially in public washrooms. Its fragrance is nice and a good hygiene product.

Saurabh Mathur

1. Buy Reusable Menstrual Cups Online at Pee Safe
By switching to reusable menstrual cups, you make your contribution in two ways. One, investing in a pocket-friendly menstrual hygiene product. Two, reducing a significant amount of sanitary plastic waste.
There is the easy availability of Menstrual cups online, although choosing the one which is true to its saying is upon you. Here are some things which need to be taken into consideration when buying a menstrual cup:
Certified: Peesafe reusable menstrual cups are FDA approved with ISO 13485 Certification and passed the Vaginal Membrane Irritation Test. Safe for all skin types and age groups.
Made of: The organic menstrual cup is created with 100% Medical Grade Silicone.
Environment savvy: One cup can be used for 5 years, and decomposes easily, leaving no residue.
Performance: Peesafe menstrual period cup can hold up to 26 ml of blood in one go, which is more than the average flow of 20 ml. Cup comes in three suitable sizes extra small, small, and large for your comfort to choose which fits you well.
Reusable Menstrual Cups give you a happy period experience filled with calmness, breathability, and gentleness and free from stains, rashes, and dryness.

2. Benefits of Using Organic Reusable Menstrual Cups
In India, over 12.3 billion disposable sanitary pads are generated every year, and most of these pads have over 90 percent plastic. Each pad is equivalent to four plastic bags. 28 percent of such pads are thrown with routine waste, 28 percent are thrown in the open, 33 percent are disposed of via burial, and 15 percent are burnt openly, imagine the amount of environmental harm it causes!!
~ Think this through, opt for an Organic menstrual cup that helps in a major reduction of sanitary waste. One cup that works well for 5 years is easy on the pocket too!
~ Menstrual period cups can be very easily washed and reused, making them a sustainable alternative and a great female menstrual hygiene product.
~ The reusable menstrual cup is handy and very lightweight, made of medically graded silicon, free from all chemical formulations, and available in suitable sizes for your stress-free periods.
~ It ensures the gentleness of your intimate area and is leakproof. Once you place it well inside your vagina, you can feel the softness and comfort while performing any daily activity. Though the cup is without wings, it surely gives you the wings to fly!!
Invest wisely. Choose the one which supports you and the environment.

3. Can You Sleep With a Menstrual Cup On?
Certainly, you can sleep while keeping your cups on. No more midnight checking and stressing about the stain. Have a happy sleep.
These menstrual cups can collect up to 26 ml of blood in one go without any leakage. The moment you choose reusable menstrual cups for your period hygiene, you ensure environmental sustainability along with the safety of your intimate area. To keep it chemical and plastic-free, cups are made of graded silicon.
It is an FDA-approved menstrual cup, passing the Vaginal Membrane Irritation Test too. Specially curated for your hassle-free menstrual cycle

4. How long can you wear your Menstrual Cup?
Reusable Menstrual Cup is designed for you to provide day-long comfort with super collectability of your menstrual flow.
Depending on your flow, you can wash and reuse the menstrual cup. The advisable duration is 4-5 hours to be hygienic and free from infections. The cup can easily collect up to 26 ml of blood without leaking.
The menstrual cup is easy to put in and pull out and fits you well, as it comes in various sizes for you to choose from. Just be gentle while inserting, and you are free from stains and itchiness for 5 years.