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One Final Hassle free PeriodWondering about using a menstrual cup for a very long time...Finally came across Peesafe's Instagram post and knew more about it...That was it...Ordered it straight away...It was a success in inserting it correctly the very first time..Never felt being ina period the entire time...I would recommend everyone to give it a try.. You'll never regret!!! 😉😁

 image Kiruthikha Prabhu

I have used this product and I liked it very much and I also saw difference by using it thanks to Pee Safe

 image Kusam Mahour

Works like a charm!
I was super unsure about using a new hair removal cream because I've had a previous experience where it didn't quite work well for me. But I'm glad I tried PeeSafe's Fire cause the product is effective and has no negative side effects. I like the smell, consistency, price and packaging of the cream!

 image Hanshita

Panty liners
Awesome .. easy to use for daily purposes ..
And it's hitchy free the greatest thing am looking for, finally tried pee safe liners it kinda adopted to my skin .. rashes free and burning free ☺️ am happy with the product
Thank you

 image subhashini soundar

Useful Product
Sanitisers are now an essential part of life. I am using this product way before pandemic. Useful product specially in public washrooms. Its fragrance is nice and a good hygiene product.

 image Saurabh Mathur


Panty Liners 

No more daily struggle with wetness. Vaginal discharge is pretty normal for women and we have an ultimate solution to tackle it.

An organic panty liner designed especially for daily use. It fits your undergarment well and stays in-tact even when during your heavy physical activities. Being Biodegradable and 100% natural cotton made it keeps both you and the environment safe and clean.

Buy Panty Liners Online at Pee Safe

Are you wondering what panty liners are? Are these liners a simple pad version without the wings? Or is there something more to it? Well, there is A LOT more than that!

To keep your intimate area safe and healthy so that you don't experience regular wetness, these Aloe Vera Panty Liners are curvy, slimmer yet protective liners with a super absorbent layer, keeping the foul smell and itchyness at bay.

A little shorter than regular sanitary pads, keeps your panty clean of white discharge and mild spotting, properly covers your panty intimate area and does not clog up, providing you with a long day of comfort.

It comes with a mild fragrance to give you a pleasant experience. Its optimal coverage and antimicrobial innards make it a friend to overcome the intimate wetness of the area.

Being all organic and lightweight, these Aloe Vera Panty Liners protect you from rashes and irritation and are suitable for all skin and age groups. One can use it regularly, without any hesitation.

We have taken all the necessary precautions to cure something of value. Our pantyliners will make you feel the value of using one as soon as you try it out. It keeps your intimate area free of bacterial and fungal infections.

Key Benefits of Panty Liners

Get ready for your daily intimate skincare routine with these biodegradable panty liners. We've got you all covered and protected!

We don't know when we're going to face wetness, but we know it's a daily struggle, so why don't we stay careful-ready with organic panty liners?

Gentleness - Once you feel it, you're never going to switch back to normal. The vaginal area is a very delicate part of the body of a woman. Naturally grown cotton and all plant-based fibers maintain softness and hygiene.

Locks the discharge - providing full intimate area coverage, being curvy, thin and lightweight, it soaks up mild spotting, white discharge, and general leakage.

Greener and Cleaner - being compostable with all-natural innards, it begins to decompose within a few months, keeping our environment safe from toxicity.

By adding these organic disposable panty liners to your daily routine, you ensure that your intimate area is free from all dampness, rash, and irritation.

How to Use Panty Liners for Good Feminine Hygiene?

It is no breaking news that vaginal hygiene is vital to women's overall health. But what we often forget to do is keep the intimate area free of dampness and white discharge for complete feminine hygiene.

The regular wetness makes every female very uncomfortable in her own skin! 100% organic cotton's disposable panty liner is what we've designed to make you damp-free.

To ensure good feminine hygiene, follow these simple steps to use panty liners effectively

  1. Remove the back paper
  2. Place the panty liner on your pair of panties
  3. Experience freshness and time free of hesitation

The panty liner is so thin and soft that you won’t even feel it. It provides 180 mm optimum coverage. All you've got to do is put it right, and rest assured.

Also, Aloe Vera Panty Liners come with a subtle fragrance to make your day delightful and free from any kind of odour.

The all-natural and biodegradable sources make the organic panty liners an ethical one by being kinder to the planet and taking proper care of your intimate hygiene by keeping it away from rashes and other health hazards.

The daily use of panty liner will not cause skin allergies and can be used by all age groups. Whether it's your tampon leakage, surprise period, mild spotting, urinary incontinence, or post intercourse discharge, panty liner lock up with ease.

Why Pee Safe Panty Liners?

It's very normal to leak a bit while you're laughing your heart out or peeing, while you're coughing and sneezing, during the last days of periods when you don't know exactly when the spotting stops, or when it's a normal white discharge..

But you know what's not normal, carrying that wetness with you all day and feeling dizzy and out of place, when you can actually solve this daily problem by using biodegradable panty liners.

Organic panty liners are designed to soak up your regular vaginal discharge and keep you in Zen Mode.

Design - Curvy-shaped liner, the upper layer is of pure cotton, very gentle and comfortable. Its absorbent layer is made up of natural bamboo fiber to make it anti-bacterial and elemental chlorine-free.

Safe, Green & Clean - Being compostable, it is curated for the betterment of both female hygiene and environmental sustainability.

Durability - Its super adhesiveness makes it stick well and does not displace even when you do. It is leakproof and causes no rashes or irritation, suiting all skin types.

Just remove the back of the paper and place the organic panty liner well on your panty to have a lovely day off of any damp or itchy feeling in your intimate area.


Is it good to use panty liners everyday?

Organic panty liners are made of pure cotton and natural bamboo plant fibre to keep your intimate area free from any toxic interactions. As vaginal discharge is a common occurrence, it has been specially curated to meet your daily requirements. The top layer of the panty liner is very soft and keeps you comfortable. It sticks well, providing due coverage.

It keeps the intimate area safe and clean from rashes, irritation and foul smell, free from any harmful or synthetic material. Using these will help you overcome that weird feeling of dampness down there!

Are panty liners safe?

Just like organic cotton sanitary pads, organic panty liners ensure the complete hygiene for your intimate area.

To help you feel stress free even during your mild spotting, white discharge, urinary continence, or general minor vaginal discharge, the biodegradable panty liners variant absorbs it all by sticking well on your undergarment.

Panty liners are plastic and chemical-free, maintain the sensitive touch of your intimate area, and safe for the environment. These liners are very lightweight with its 180 mm wide coverage for your daily use and provide effortless comfort all day long.

How often should you change panty liners?

Every body functions and operates differently and so is the hormonal balance and its safe to say that no solution fits it all. Wait, that is not really true because we might know what you want!

Whenever you feel the liner is wet even the slightest, its time to change it. Don’t let the wetness stay in touch with your intimate area for long as this can lead to serious irritation and itchiness. Ideally, one should change the panty liner every 4 hours. You can try our wide range of panty liners (Aloe Vera and Biodegradable) as they assure that you stay irritation free and definitely safe for everyday use. These are specially curated for your mild spotting, minor leakage, adequately absorbent, and lightweight.

Can Women wear a panty liner overnight?

Panty liners are meant to be worn for one day-not longer than that. If you prefer to wear one at night, then it's probably a good idea to put a new one on the right before you go to sleep. One should keep in mind that many women may feel the need to change the panty liner long before the day is over: As soon as the panty liner starts to feel moist, it should be your cue to switch one. One must never ignore this cue as it leads to sheer discomfort after.


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