is an initiative started by Pee Safe and Raho Safe, a brand working towards menstrual hygiene. HaqSePERIOD’s mission is to aid the current situation of menstrual hygiene in India by spreading awareness and educating women about the importance of menstrual hygiene. We are focussed to fight the taboos and stigma around menstruation that still exist in developing countries like India.

Building a community, dedicated towards eradicating period poverty and fighting against the stigmas and taboos associated with menstruation. PEE SAFE's fellowship program will focus on providing an effective, efficient, resilient, and impactful program to young leaders who will continue to spread the correct and required knowledge on menstruation in communities that require behavioural change, to adopt better and hygienic practices during their days of menstruation.


To train young individuals in the field of menstrual hygiene management. Along this journey, we will focus on creating accessibility to education in lower income groups to adopt safe and hygienic menstrual practices.

Change makers

Under the guidance of industry experts, you will be exposed to the correct knowledge to help bring about a change in lower community groups which are most affected. A chance to make a difference and become a change maker. 


Help build a community and a positive atmosphere by encouraging individuals to talk about PERIOD freely. 


Passionate and dedicated group of people, joining hands to make a difference for a better tomorrow.

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