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One Final Hassle free PeriodWondering about using a menstrual cup for a very long time...Finally came across Peesafe's Instagram post and knew more about it...That was it...Ordered it straight away...It was a success in inserting it correctly the very first time..Never felt being ina period the entire time...I would recommend everyone to give it a try.. You'll never regret!!! 😉😁

 image Kiruthikha Prabhu

I have used this product and I liked it very much and I also saw difference by using it thanks to Pee Safe

 image Kusam Mahour

Works like a charm!
I was super unsure about using a new hair removal cream because I've had a previous experience where it didn't quite work well for me. But I'm glad I tried PeeSafe's Fire cause the product is effective and has no negative side effects. I like the smell, consistency, price and packaging of the cream!

 image Hanshita

Panty liners
Awesome .. easy to use for daily purposes ..
And it's hitchy free the greatest thing am looking for, finally tried pee safe liners it kinda adopted to my skin .. rashes free and burning free ☺️ am happy with the product
Thank you

 image subhashini soundar

Useful Product
Sanitisers are now an essential part of life. I am using this product way before pandemic. Useful product specially in public washrooms. Its fragrance is nice and a good hygiene product.

 image Saurabh Mathur


Sanitary Pads

When blood reacts with plastic sanitary napkins, it leads to rashes and itching making the intimate area irritated. Menstrual hygiene is an integral part of our lives.

To have a toxins-free period, Get Pee Safe organic cotton sanitary pads. They are made of 100% organic cotton and natural bamboo pulp for ultra-absorbency. Alternatively, you can go for a menstrual cup also. These organic reusable sanitary pads keep the intimate area fresh, breathable, and allergy free.

Cotton Sanitary Pads Online For Women

To make women’s life hassle-free and healthy, the availability of cotton period pads online for women is what we vouch for!

  • Cotton sanitary pads - Plastic and chemical free, made from 100% organic cotton and bamboo pulp. The natural sources make the organic sanitary pads soft and comfortable for day-long use at the best price.
  • Safe and secure - cotton menstrual pads provide proper coverage without the fear of leakage. The organic cotton and natural fiber lining keep you toxin and stain-free.

Why Are Organic Cotton Sanitary Pads Important?

Tired of plastic sanitary pads making you and your environment toxic? Well, the solution is right here! Switch to Organic Cotton reusable Sanitary napkins. Also, you can try reusable menstrual cups. Get yours at the lowest possible price.

  • Toxin-free Period - Cottony soft sanitary napkins are made up of the finest cotton produced without the use of any chemicals. These cotton pads for periods have a lining of anti-bacterial bamboo fiber imbibing heavy flow with ease.
  • Safe, Green & Clean - These organic period pads make your intimate area breathable that help in keeping both the foul smell and fungal infection at bay. Its biodegradable property makes it sustainable for the environment.
  • Affordable and durable- With proper coverage, super portability, and sizes available depending on your menstrual flow too! Organic Cotton Sanitary Pads have got your back.
  • Easy disposal – Organic cotton pads come with a biodegradable sanitary disposal bag. After using it, simply wrap it in the biodegradable bag, seal it, and throw it in the bin.

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