Pee Safe Panty Liners - 100% Organic Cotton, Biodegradable

Rs. 150 Rs. 199
There are certain biological occurrences that every woman gets used to. However, we must definitely not compromise on our intimate hygiene. Vaginal discharge is an inevitable occurrence and panty liners are the solution for it. These are a smaller and thinner version of sanitary pads that help in discharges and pre period and post period spotting. 
This Panty Liner variant gives us a 100% organic cotton top sheet along with its natural composition of bamboo fibre. The organic cotton is grown without causing any harm to the environment which is the top sheet of the Panty Liner to promise comfort. 

Product Key Features

  • 100% Organic Cotton
  • Biodegradable
  •  Anti-Bacterial
  • Rash-free
  • FSC certified Bamboo
  • Chemical Free