Natural Intimate Wipes for Men (Pack of 4)

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Pee Safe Biodegradable Intimate Wipes for men are crafted to maintain your intimate hygiene. These wipes are made from bamboo pulp and extremely soft and comfortable to use. It cleans and refreshes your intimate area without any hassle and can be used before and after sexual activity or after urination.

Intimate wipes for men are enriched with the goodness of Tea Tree oil and perfect for keeping you fresh at any time of the day.

The unique composition of Intimate Wipes for men ensures proper care with a skin-friendly pH with Aloe vera Extracts as a natural moisturizer. Along with Tea tree oil and Aloe vera extract, the Pee Safe Intimate Wipes formulation comprises of Calendula oil which has natural anti-inflammatory, antifungal, and antibacterial properties that help to get rid of unpleasant odour caused by microbes.

Key Features:
  1. Biodegradable - Promote an eco-friendly environmental approach. 
  2. Lactic Acid, Calendula Oil, and Tea Tree Oil - Born from the goodness of Lactic acid, Calendula Oil, and Tea Tree oil
  3. Skin friendly - Do not interfere with the pH level of the intimate area and prevents rashes and irritation.
  4. Bamboo pulp - Made from bamboo pulp to keep your intimate area clean and fresh.
Directions for use:
Step 1 - Peel the resealable sticker off
Step 2 - Take the wipes out as needed
Step 3 - Gently wipe the genitals and dispose after use.
Step 4 - Reseal the front label after use to prevent loss of moisture.