Why World Health Day is celebrated on 7th April?

Why World Health Day is celebrated on 7th April?

In 1948, the WHO held the first World Health Assembly. The assembly marked 7th April as the World Health Day, highlighting the founding day of the World Health Organization. Since 1950, each year has highlighted the major issues and concerns which were prevailing in that particular year and had a global impact. 
The World Health Organization was organized with the aim that no person should be denied health rights. Each person, regardless of their status, deserved healthcare. An affordable and accessible healthcare system can only build a healthy future. 
World Health Organization for Nurses
Each year a theme is chosen and the year is dedicated to that particular theme. The World Health Organization works closely with the United Nations and tries to improve the state of health according to the dedicated theme.
The year 2020 has been taken over by the pandemic, COVID 19. Globally, countrywide lockdown has been imposed, and amidst this global turmoil, the health workers have been working day and night. 
Without a medical workforce, dealing with this pandemic would have been next to impossible. This year has been dedicated to Nurses and midwives who have been working tirelessly to provide us with the medical care which we needed. The tagline of the campaign says: Support nurses and midwives. 

According to WHO

7 April 2020 is the day to celebrate the work of nurses and midwives and remind world leaders of the critical role they play in keeping the world healthy. Nurses and other health workers are at the forefront of COVID-19 response - providing high quality, respectful treatment and care, leading community dialogue to address fears and questions and, in some instances, collecting data for clinical studies. Quite simply, without nurses, there would be no response.


Let us all just not thank the doctors but also the nurses, the people who are working closely with them to make it all possible for you. 
Let us support the initiative taken by WHO to strengthen the nurses and midwives workforce. We can do our bit simply by staying back at our homes and adhering to the government guidelines. Lesser the patients, easier is the task for them.

Always remember a doctor treats you but a nurse looks after you. 

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