Even educated women became aware of vaginal health as a concept in recent times. 

It’s never been brought up before as much due to the well aware fact; the vagina is designed to clean itself with the help of natural discharge. The discharge that occurs timely is nothing to be alerted by.

This secretion happens to all and is just a sign of a self-cleaning body part. The amount and colour of the discharges varies throughout your menstruation cycle. Though, a healthy discharge doesn’t have an odour or colour. 

Even though our vagina isn’t supposed to be physically cleaned from the inside, one does end up applying soap on the vulva (outer region). 

More often than not, the shower gel that we use is scented or perfumed. The fancy soaps while might be good for the body, does imbalance the pH level of our vagina. 

Lactobacilli are the bacterium that helps keep the vagina’s pH balance less than 4.5. This bacterium prevents the growth of other viruses. If the pH increases in that particular region, the bacteria can multiply because of a drop in the amount or quality of Lactobacilli. 

Bacterial vaginosis can be caused is many women as a consequence of the lack of knowledge or care around this fact. When it comes to washing your vulva, it’s best to avoid scented and opt for a natural fragrance-free wash that is available just for your intimate area. 

Pee Safe’s Natural intimate wash is known for its Ayurveda extracts that keeps your vagina clean and healthy. The wash includes the goodness of antimicrobial tea tree essential oil along with Witch Hazel that is known for its anti-irritant and soothing properties. 

This wash is advised to use every time you go in for a bath. During periods, it’s recommended to use a natural wash to clean your intimate more than just once to be on the safer side. 

These hygienic practices are best not to be ignored or taken lightly. Keep your body under a regular health check up to ensure you’re healthy and fit in every sense. 

Eating right and healthy also affects the vaginal health but more from us on that in the next one. 


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