Things you didn't know about periods!

Things you didn't know about periods!

A night before an exam or having your first period, the anxiety is same. As an exam comes with a lot of questions, so does your periods. As a teenager, some of us were pretty excited about our periods and some of us were really scared. The first one in the squad had to answer all our period related questions and had to clear our doubts. 
Although, while growing up we experienced it all - busted our own myths and came across some amazing facts!

However, chances are high that you might have missed out on some of the mind blowing facts listed below…

  • Feel HORNY on your periods? 
    It is absolutely normal if you crave for sex during your periods. Periods does make you a bit more horny and crave for intimate and passionate sessions. The hormone progesterone is responsible for regulating periods and decreasing a woman's libido The levels of progesterone decrease when “Aunt Flo” arrives, making you crave for sex.
    Womens feels horny during Winters
  • Please! PMS is for real 🙃
    Premenstrual Syndrome is for real and according to every 3 out of 4 women suffer from headache, fatigue and bloating. In some cases, where a female goes through depression, tension and severe mood swings, it is known as Premenstrual Dysphoric Syndrome - PMDD. On an average 5% of women all around the globe suffer from PMDD.
  • And you thought you can only Bleed from your Vagina 🙄
    A very rare syndrome known as Vicarious Menstruation can cause bleeding from other organs other than your uterus. According to a case study published in Ophthalmic Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, bleeding from the eyes have been recorded. As the endometrial tissue which sheds during periods, is transmitted to other organs through the bloodstream.
  • Feel like Spending? It's your hormones honey 💃
    According to a study, women experience a rise in impulsive behaviour, anxiety and irritability during the premenstrual phase. Also, they lack control as compared to post- menstrual days, leading to a shopping or spending spree. 

    Womens Love Shopping During Perios
  • Ohh Yeaah, Orgasms do provide relief from period cramps 🤭
    Menstrual Cramps occur as the uterus contracts to shed off the lining. After an orgasm the muscles of the uterus contracts and release which provides relief from period cramps. Moreover, after an intimate session, chemicals known as endorphins are released which are responsible for reducing the pain and boosts happiness.

  • Unfortunately.... winters do take a toll on your periods 😪
    You read this right! Winters do delay your periods. Due to lack of sunlight your periods tend to alter as ovarian activity is greater in summer as compared to winter. Everybody becomes lethargic during winters, leading to less physical activity or inactivity and this inactivity directly impacts a woman's cycle by delaying them. Also, the period pain level and blood flow are greater in winter in contrast with summer.  

Winter helps Women in Periods

Aren’t these some useful facts!
If you feel that we are missing out on something then please let us know in the comments section below and we will be happy to include them in our next list. Till then stay tuned to this space for more. Happy Periods!!!

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