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Period Tracking - Your Period Predictor


Wouldn’t it be great to know when and where you’ll get your period. Kind of like a period GPS, telling you if your menstrual cycle is on vacation, or if it’s in town ready for a visit. News flash!- There’s a way for you to know when you’re due for your cycle! 

Wait what? How is that possible? Why, with period tracking after all!

Read on to know more.

What Is Period Tracking?

On an average, a menstrual cycle lasts for around  28-32 days. While this is subjective, period tracking helps keep you updated with the different phases of your cycle. 

Be it ovulation or menstruation, tracking your period serves the purpose of knowing what to expect. 

Your period won’t come unannounced this time around!

Why Should I Track My Period?

Other than knowing when you're going to get your period, tracking your cycle has numerous benefits-

  1. Regulate Your Cycle: Period tracking can help you identify if your cycle is regular or not. This can prove beneficial if you’re diagnosed with PCOS or endometriosis, both of which cause irregular menstruation. In case you experience irregular menstrual cycles for extended periods of time make sure you visit a gynaecologist.
  2. Helps In Conceiving: If you’re someone who is looking to conceive, keeping a track on your cycle will help you know when you’re ovulating. This can increase your chances of getting pregnant. If you’re not looking to conceive, tracking will help you know if you’ve missed a period or not. So, no unwanted surprises!
  3. Planning: The most convenient part about period tracking? It helps you plan your day. Going for vacation and you think you’re going to get your period? Pre-book your tickets! Tracking will help sort your day to day activities with no surprises in between.

How Can I Track My Period?

You can track your periods in a couple of different ways-

  1. Mark Your Calendar: Keep things the good old fashioned way by using your calendar. Be it on your phone or hanging up on your wall, marking the start of your period every month will help you realise how long your cycle lasts.
  2. Period Apps: You’ve got to admit it, technology is pretty damn cool. Period tracking apps make tracking your period on the go, easy and convenient. Simply download the app, enter a few basic details and start marking away! 
  3. Wearable Devices: A few wearable devices can also help you track your period. Imagine going on a run and getting a notification that your periods are about to start. Yup, you’re heading back home to put on a pad. 

Period tracking is more than just knowing when and where you’re going to get your period, it is a way of empowering yourself. Understanding your cycle and thereby understanding yourself will help you make better decisions about your health and lifestyle. In a fast paced world where health might take a backseat, tracking your period is one way in which you can reclaim control over your life decisions. 

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