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PERIOD SYNCING: Real or a Matter of Time?


Do you ever rely on our roommate for period care products because you are sure about your cycles syncing? Do you also use your friend’s period as your period calendar? Do you often find your roommate and yourself tussling over a heating pad? Is it because your periods are synced?

It is a widespread belief that menstruators who live together or are in close proximity begin to menstruate on the same day in most months. Period syncing, also known as ‘menstrual synchrony’, finds its roots in the theory that says when you come in physical contact with another menstruator, your pheromones  (chemicals released and received by the same species) influence each other in ways which eventually leads to menstrual cycle syncing. 

Period syncing has been a matter of fascination and debate for decades. While menstruators believe it is true based on real life situations, there is no concrete scientific research to prove the same. 

The discourse between period syncing being a myth or a reality opens up spaces for further discussions and conversations. 

Let us engage ourselves into a discussion about period syncing.

Can Your Period Sync With Someone Else? 

If you are someone who menstruates, chances are slim that you haven't heard of period syncing. 

The menstrual synchronization myth, also called the McClintock Effect, suggests that factors like pheromones or moon’s phases can influence and shift periods for menstruators living together. 

Some also mention the effect of the moon on your period cycle, however, only ocean tides are proven to be affected by the moon’s pull.

It might be daunting to think if such “out of the realm” factors also affect your period (or not). 

However, let’s delve deeper and unravel the truth about period syncing. 

Do Periods Sync?

Albeit, a lot of menstruators who live in close contact admit that periods syncing is a real thing that occurs. Countless anecdotes have been shared by menstruators which suggests that many menstruators who live in close proximity experience their periods together. However, the scientific community chooses to disagree; there is no scientific research which proves that periods syncing is real. 

Menstrual syncing might often occur due to the laws of probability more than any myth or scientific research. 

If you are on your periods for one week in the month, and given that you live with three other women, chances are that at least two women in the house will have their cycles at the same time.

It is widely known and suggested that when menstruators live together they happen to bleed together. This belief is popularly anecdotal and experience based, bereft of any scientific claims.


Although many menstruators may feel a connection and closeness with fellow menstruators when their period syncs, it is just a matter of probability and coincidence.The scientific communities continue to remain skeptical about the existence of any such phenomenon, while anecdotes suggest that it is real, scientists conclude that it is rather a matter of chance, time and probability. To know more visit PeeSafe website.

This blog is written by Manisha Shah

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