Girls problem, Cycles, Bloody Mary, Time of month, Date, Code red, the curse, Monthly friend are some of the period euphemisms that exist. I mean who would want to call a period simply a period when you can refer to it as checking into the red roof inn. (Sarcasm alert)

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Women use “secret code” to refer to their menstrual cycle, mostly because periods have been and remain taboo, especially in India. The stigma around it has resulted in a lack of information about it especially when a girl begins her period.

 Research shows that at least 71% of girls in India do not know anything about menstruation before their first period.

 One might say, so what? What is the need for them to know if their mothers and grandmothers never did? It is, in fact, crucial for girls to learn about the menstrual cycle.

The lack of awareness around first period can put a young girl through mental trauma and fear over what is happening to her combined with a sense of shame. There is a strong need for each of us to talk openly about periods with our family members, especially male friends, and consider it as natural as any other body process.

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Who wouldn’t want to have a father/ male friend/ brother pamper them during period days with love and care? I personally would love to.

It’s time you start talking to your female friends about periods and buying them a stock of period necessities so they don’t have to worry about unexpected "Aunt flow’s “arrival. Buying individual period products can dug deep holes in your pocket but don’t worry guys! Pee Safe has got your back.

Pee Safe has launched a period care box containing 30 (100% organic cotton and biodegradable) sanitary pads, 15 (100% organic cotton and biodegradable) panty liners and 1 feminine cramp relief roll on which will get your periods covered for 3 long months.

Pee Safe urges parents to talk to their daughters about menstrual hygiene before their first period and ease out the “awkward” conversation by gifting Pee Safe period box  as it is curated with much love.

Parents, talking about periods is not like dropping a bomb. Just spend some quality time with your daughters and let them know about menstruation being a natural body process. Motivate them to embrace the new beginnings with Pee Safe period care box.

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