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7 Things You Need To Know Before Using Panty Liners


You must have commonly heard about panty liners from your peer menstruators. The panty liners are majorly used by menstruating individuals on the last day of their periods when there is minimal to no flow. However, these small, thin absorbent pads can be used for various reasons in order to maintain intimate hygiene. 

Intimate hygiene is important to be taken care of, otherwise, it may result in the potential risk of infections and discomfort. These cottony thin pads are different from the usual sanitary pads and here are seven things you need to know before using panty liners:    

Panty liners act as a protective layer when you are expecting periods 

Menstruation typically occurs after every 28 days. However, there are times when they are delayed for a few days and you need protection in the meantime but you don’t want to use sanitary pads, tampons, or menstrual cups. 

You can use panty liners during these days as they are very light and protects you from getting your clothes stained if you get your periods when you’re out. 

Panty liner absorbs vaginal discharge

Your body releases vaginal discharge mostly before the ovulation period, making your panty extremely moist. You can wear a panty liner in order to keep it dry. 

Since the vaginal discharge is slightly acidic in nature, it may decolorize your favourite underwear. So, panty liner has an added advantage for using it during vaginal discharge.

Panty liners are not suitable for period flow

You should not prefer using panty liners during periods as they can absorb a minimal amount of fluid only. However, you can use them on the last day of periods when the flow is close to an end.

You can use panty liners while using menstrual cups or tampons 

When you are using a menstrual cup or tampon for the first time, you may not be able to insert them properly or may be skeptical about your period leakage. Therefore, you can wear a panty liner as a protective layer.

Change panty liners at regular intervals

When panty liners become fully damped with your vaginal discharge, you should change them immediately to avoid any irritation. Changing panty liners after every 3 to 4 hours ensures dryness in your genital area.

Panty liners protect you from unexpected spotting

Spotting happens when you experience unusual bloody discharge during the days when you are not menstruating. Panty liners use can help you prevent your clothes from getting stained. 

Spotting can happen due to extreme stress and hormonal changes. You need to see a doctor if you are facing this issue.

Avoid wearing panty liners while sleeping

It is advised to avoid wearing panty liners while sleeping as the skin in your vagina needs to breathe, otherwise, it may cause irritation.


Panty liners are small, thin absorbent pads designed for maintaining vaginal hygiene. The panty liners uses include protection from unexpected spotting, and period leakage when using a menstrual cup or tampon for the first time. Additionally, panty liners are helpful in keeping you dry by absorbing the vaginal discharge. However, you need to change them after every three to four hours to ensure dryness and proper hygiene. To know more, visit the Pee Safe website. 


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