All You Need to Know About Using Menstrual Cups and Discs

All You Need to Know About Using Menstrual Cups and Discs



Menstrual Cup


I remember the first time I heard about the menstrual cups and discs, I had so many questions; how to use them, where do they fit, how long do they last and most importantly, how do I insert them inside my vagina? To be honest, I was somewhat anxious about it so, I started looking out for these products and what happened next was life-changing. 

So ease up ladies and find out all you need to know about the insertion & removal of menstrual cups and discs.


Menstrual Cup

A Menstrual Cup is a feminine hygiene product that is made of medical-grade silicone & is reusable, economical, and eco-friendly. It is meant to be inserted in the vagina & it collects period blood for up to 12 hours.

Menstrual Cup


How to Use

Using a menstrual cup can seem like a complex process especially if you haven’t used it ever. Hence, it’s very important to understand the different ways of inserting a menstrual cup. 


How To Insert:

Here are four popular folds for easy insertion

Punch Down Fold

How to insert Menstrual cup

This fold makes the cup smaller and easier to insert in the vaginal canal. If you are a first-time cup user, it is recommended to try the Punch Down Fold approach;.  

  • Start by pushing the front rim of the cup down and in 
  • Hold the cup from its base and ensure it stays folded
  • Insert the pointed tip of the cup into your vagina gently

C Fold

C-Fold Insert menstrual cup

This is the popular way to use the menstrual cup. This is a rather simple technique, just fold your cup to look like the letter C;

  • Start by pressing the cup from between and then fold it into half
  • Hold it tightly at the rim so that it stays folded
  • Now, gently insert the rim into your vagina 

Triangle Fold

Triangle shape insert menstrual cup

This fold allows the cup to have a small point of insertion, if you are worried about pushing the cup inside, this approach will make it a little less stressful for you;

  • Fold the cup in half 
  • Pull down the right or left side of the cup to the other side
  • Now insert it with ease as the top is compact

Seven Fold 

7-fold insert menstraul cup

Another fold that works great for beginners and is fairly easy to help insert the cup into the vaginal canal;

  • Fold the cup and make its lips meet 
  • Then fold either tip to the middle of the cup 
  • Relax and put it into your vagina


How to Remove

Removing the menstrual cup can be a little messy especially if you are doing it for the first time. So to help ease the process follow the following steps:

  • Insert your index finger and your thumb into your vagina
  • Feel the tip of your cup
  • Move a little up and pinch the base of the cup and pull it out


Menstrual Disc

Menstrual Disc is an innovative product that holds period blood. Pee Safe's Reusable Menstrual Disc has a holding capacity of 55 ml. This menstrual product is the only one that lets you enjoy mess-free period intercourse as it's so far above the vaginal canal, that it doesn't cause any hindrance to your intimate moments. 

It is placed deep inside the vagina right below the cervix. It is reusable, comfortable, and leak-free as it too can last for up to 12 hours.

Menstrual disc


How to Insert

  • Start by washing your hand.
  • Get into a comfortable position preferably, squatting, standing with one leg up or sitting comfortably on the toilet seat.
  • Squeeze the lips of the disc together and push it inside your vagina opening.
  • Ensure that you stay in a vertical angle so the disc covers your cervix completely.
  • Push it far enough for the rim of the disc to fit above your pubic bone.


How to Remove

  • Stand, squat or sit in a comfortable position.
  • Put your index finger in your vagina and place it at the rim of the disc.
  • Gently pull the disc straight out.


How to Clean Menstrual Cup & Disc

After understanding how to insert and remove the cup and disc, let’s talk about how to clean & sterilize them. Your vagina is a delicate part and it is extremely important to keep it safe and healthy. As these products go inside you, it becomes all the way more important to practice the right and hygienic way to clean them. Here’s how you can do it:

I hope this blog helps you understand menstrual cups and discs better but remember to take a deep breath and relax before inserting them. It will help ease the process for you till you become a pro at it. Until then, if you need help in the process, why don’t you ask away in the comments below?


✍️ This article was curated by Smita Bagwadi.


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