Your Ultimate Summer Survival Guide!

Your Ultimate Summer Survival Guide!


It’s that time of the year again when the heat waves are prevalent and so are the beach waves! But, what do you do when the beach is really out of your reach? Well, you can always turn on the AC or move to the south pole, even the top end of the Himalayas can save you from it. But, what about those who have to bear the heat & survive every day till they can find a way to get away from it!


Don’t worry, we’ve curated a list of products that you’ll need to keep your cool during the summer beatdown: 

1. Intimate Hygiene Range: Summers are here and so is the return of the itching, irritation, & rashes! But, don’t you worry, Pee Safe has got you covered with their refreshing intimate hygiene collection. Stay cool all day with the pH-balanced & dermatologically tested Natural Intimate Wash, Intimate Powder, & Natural Intimate Wipes. The anti-bacterial & anti-fungal intimate hygiene products are available for both Men & Women. 


 2. Sweat Pads: The only worse thing that follows the summer heat is SWEAT! Drenching your clothes, staining them, & making them stink. Not anymore, keep your freshness intact and the stinking smell at bay with the Disposable Underarm Sweat Pads, just stick them onto your clothes and enjoy your day free of foul odor & sweat patches. They’re available in two variants Straight & Folded.

 3. Anti Chafing Stick: The sweltering season burns everything in its path and all that’s left in its wake are ash & rash. But, it’s time to save your skin from the chafe with the Coconut Oil & Eucalyptus Oil infused Anti Chafing Stick! The non-greasy & antiperspirant formulation of the stick not only eliminates odor but keeps your skin protected against itching & irritation. The stick can be applied at the hotspots such as underarms, under breasts, crotch, upper knees, shoe bites, inner thighs, & under elbows.

Keeping yourself summer ready might seem like a task, but with this arsenal in your backpack, you can count on it to keep you sane during the melting heat and get you through your days with ease!

The blog is written by Nikhil Malla.

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