Keep UTI At Bay!

Keep UTI At Bay!


Are you depending on antibiotics to cure your UTI? Here are some simple measures you can take to prevent it from coming back. Say goodbye to bacteria, frequent discharge, and urination by these small changes.


Drink water

It's the simplest step in the entire list. Just drink enough water to flush bacteria out of your bladder and urinary tract before it settles in before it causes infection.


Wipe from front to back

The one habit that you must adopt is to not catch any infections, especially after a bowel movement. Bacteria tend to hang around the anus and wiping from front to back makes them less likely to reach the urethra.


Wash up before and after intercourse

Make sure you wash up with Natural Intimate Wash before and after intercourse or you can keep Natural Intimate Wipes handy. Also, peeing afterward carries any bacteria that entered the urinary tract back outside.



Avoid irritating intimate products

Skip usage of douches, deodorants, and chemical powders. Instead, you can use an Anti-chafing stick or Intimate powder to soothe irritation & relieve your skin of rashes. 


Precaution during discharge

Staying dry during unusual discharge can prevent you from getting UTI. You can prevent it by wearing Panty liners to stay dry all day long. Do not forget to change these frequently to maintain good health!


Rethink your birth control

Use water-based lubricants in place of normal ones during intercourse to avoid infections. 


✍️ This article was curated by Tanya Singh.


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