Giving Back To Nature Through Sustainable Choices

Giving Back To Nature Through Sustainable Choices


We, humans, are directly dependent on the environment for almost all of our needs. Like children, we learn to interact with mother nature in our unique ways. This interaction of ours is affected by social and technological factors.

Over time, technological advancements have made our interactions with the environment more effective but at the same time led to its degradation.

United Nations, in an attempt to effectively combat the problem of environmental degradation and to encourage awareness and action for the protection of the environment, declared June 5 as the World Environment Day in 1972.

This day encourages nations all over the world to take collective action towards the grave problem of environmental degradation. More than 143 nations have been enthusiastically celebrating this day since its inception.

Public solutions and efforts like these are critical for the protection of the environment, similarly, willful steps by the private sector also contribute towards the same.

Today, every corporate in the world is responsible for conforming to a scope of ecological enactment to reduce the detrimental effect that their business has on the environment and to abstain from damaging it further.

The private sector has acquired the methodology of co-responsibility towards the prevention and mitigation of ecological harm. The corporate companies are actively taking action against the problem of environmental degradation through various initiatives. These companies have adopted sustainable practices in order to do their bit for the environment.

To give back to our home, we at Pee Safe, are constantly striving to adopt sustainable practices. Recently, PeeSafe launched eco- friendly sanitary pads and panty liners which are 100% organic cotton and biodegradable, in order to solve the ever-growing problem of waste disposal.

These sanitary pads which are entirely made up of bamboo fibre, are packed in recycled paper and come with recyclable disposable bags. They are harmless as they are 100% organic cotton, biodegradable, chemical free, paraben free, chlorine free and have FSC certified bamboo core.

The pads due to their leak-proof, anti-bacterial, rash free, chlorine-free qualities not only take care of the user but also take care of nature at the same time.

As the problem of environmental degradation is deeply rooted within the human culture, it is important as a consumer for us to make environmentally responsible choices which are sustainable. Therefore making sustainable choices as a consumer, is one of the best ways in which we can give back to nature.

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