Being a woman, I’m well familiar with the roadblocks we have in our lives. One of the important ones being menstruation.

You would think that something that occurs every single month should come to us naturally (pun intended). Unfortunately, there are certain things that many aren’t aware of due to lack of education around menstrual hygiene.

Don’t wait for your tampon/sanitary pad to soak up to its full potential

A common mistake amongst many women is that they the judge the frequency of changing tampons/pads by the amount of colour the current one has soaked up. A tampon must be switched every 3-4 hours and a sanitary pad must be changed every 5-6 hours. Do your best to not surpass these timelines.

Avoid your fancy shower gels for your belo(v)ed

This is not common knowledge so widen your eyes because I couldn’t stress more. The regular shower gels that we use for our bodies are NOT meant for our vaginas. Our vulva maintains a certain pH balance if disturbed could host bacteria causing some serious infections. This is your cue to order an all-natural intimate wash for your intimates. It maintains the pH balance keeping your vulva blissful and clean.

Your vagina deserves better

Regular tampons or sanitary pads are not made up of natural, environment friendly ingredients. They have plastic which causes rashes and many toxins, chemicals and fertilizers are used in the manufacturing. It’s time for you to give your vagina the treatment it deserves. Switch to 100% organic cotton tampons to ensure there isn’t a discomfort of any kind. No harmful chemicals. Just good old organic cotton!

Shower everyday especially on your period

This is a pretty basic tip which any human being should be following regardless. However, it gets worse during our periods. Taking a shower every day will allow your intimate to breathe a little without chemicals stuffed over it and it gets cleaned properly. So take a warm shower to feel much better about leaking red. It’ll elevate your mood.

These menstrual hygiene tips are the most important to ascertain and avoid any infections or diseases that women are prone to during their painful time.

We anyway go through a lot during this time, from hormones to cramps to pseudo diarrhea to dealing with inconsiderate male chauvinists. Why would you want to add bacteria or infections to the list? Take care girls, we’ve got to keep it functioning well!

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