Taking Care of Mental Health During COVID-19

Taking Care of Mental Health During COVID-19


The COVID-19 crisis has changed almost every aspect of your life–your home, family, career, community and the world. It came with an unprecedented lockdown on India.

The lockdown effect was not the same for everyone. It meant an increase in anxiety and stress for many people. When it comes to stress, the body's response to it fluctuates in the levels of many hormones. Since it affects the balance of hormones and several other variations in the body, this stress has the power to interfere with the menstrual cycle.

Everyone is self-isolated at home, trying to work while managing a household. But all that is being done is accompanied by uncertainty and grief. The feeling of uncertainty and grief takes a toll on your mental health and is also believed to be a common cause of prolonged menstrual cycles.

Given the time, it’s normal if you feel nervous. It is understandable that you must be burned out because of the work on your plate is more than you can chew.

We are here to help you sail through this smoothly.


Maintain a routine

Maintaining a regular schedule is important. Stick to the routine that you have decided for yourself. Don’t forget to keep up a good 8 hours of sleep along with regular meals, bathing and getting dressed. Taking occasional breaks in between your study or job schedules. This predictability will make you feel in control of yourself.


Care for your body

Look at the lockdown from a positive lens. You have been given the gift of time which you earlier spent on commuting. Use this time to care for your bodies. Lifestyle and dietary habits like Tobacco, caffeine, alcohol and trans-fatty acids increases risk of inflammation and results in period pain. Reducing the intake of these things will help you get through this stressful process. Also, It’s the best time to use the cosmetics you used to think you will use someday. You can now wear your sheet mask and work without contemplation at the same time. Take a long and therapeutic shower. You will love it!


Exercise and stay hydrated

The transition from not going to the gym to working out at home can be a little challenging. You might want to skip exercise because you feel lazy or have to work. But hey, you’re a priority, too. Keeping that in mind, staying hydrated and drinking at least 6 to 7 glasses of water should be at the top of your priority list, especially during your period cycle, which helps to ease bloating, making symptoms like cramps and dysmenorrhea worse. Find an activity that includes movement - you can subscribe to an exercise app or dance looking to YouTube videos. So, get moving!


Stay Connected

Many people are stranded in cities where they work and cannot get out to meet people, which has caused many people to feel lonely. Call a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while, make a group video call, go old-school by writing e-mails to your friends, and stay in touch with your family members–help each other by providing the emotional support that everyone needs during these difficult times.



Any stress that persists in the mind has its symptoms in the body. Stress can cause problems such as reduced immunity, hormonal imbalances and reduced sleep quality among others. So, we suggest that you set aside some time to find peace and manage stress and anxiety. It could be an hour or just ten minutes. But meditate. Sure, it needs practice to not think because we’re wired to overthink in this fast-paced world, but with constant efforts, you’ll be there in no time.


Take a Break

Too much stress can irritate you, which would ultimately bring your productivity to a low level. But take a break. Hit refresh. You will be back to your own self. Bake a cake or read a book. Do some yard work, or just take a nap. A few regular breaks from your chores can help you get back to your tasks with a more organized approach and a plan. Isn’t that a plan, huh?


Whenever we face a crisis, a personal one, or a pandemic, the first thing that is negatively affected is our mental health. But don’t let it take a back seat. We know it's hard to stay motivated, but you can do it! We believe in you and so do your friends and family.

Use hand sanitizer to stay safe.

You can do it! We wish you stay safe and healthy.

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