Can tampons cause me to lose my virginity?

Can tampons cause me to lose my virginity?


I am a virgin; can I use tampons?

Will tampons hurt if I’m not sexually active?

I’ve heard tampons are not for virgins, is it true? 

Girls, do these questions often pop up into your mind when you think of switching to tampons? Do tampons intimidate you and the thought of a ‘painful’ experience scare you? Then this one’s for you.

Since their invention, tampons have been a subject of moral panic and health scares. Sure, there are risk factors like Toxic Shock Syndrome, but using tampons is reasonably safe and easy. 

Most girls avoid using tampons because they fear pain but there’s nothing to worry about. There are many myths and misconceptions about using tampons like losing your virginity, tampons cause cervical cancer, it can get lost inside your vagina, etc. Read on to find out more. 


The concept of Virginity

Virginity. It is a social concept which has different definitions and opinions. Often, virginity is related to the belief that your vaginal opening is lined by a thin membrane called Hymen, and the act of ‘breaking’ or ‘tearing’ Hymen by sexual penetration is perceived to be losing your virginity. 

Some people believe that virginity is something you have until you have your first sexual experience, some believe that it is something you lose only when a penis penetrates a vaginal canal for the first time while some believe you lose your virginity when you engage in any sexual activity for the first time. The idea of virginity moves along a spectrum. In one extreme, it has become synonymous to chastity, purity, and innocence. This is one reason why many women fear losing their virginity by using tampons. 

Having understood what virginity is, lets now understand more about Hymen.


The Hymen

The Hymen is a thin, stretchy layer of tissue which lines the vaginal opening. It is a remnant tissue from the vagina during embryonic development, and it just makes the vaginal opening smaller. It does not cover the opening because if it did, menstrual blood would not be able to flow out, and an opening will have to be created surgically. Generally, the opening is about the size of a finger or a small tampon. 

The Hymen naturally wears off by everyday activities like cycling, horseback riding, gymnastics, dancing, etc. So, by the time you have your first sexual experience, chances are your Hymen has already worn off. Medically, the Hymen serves no purpose, and some females don’t have one by birth! 

So, can you lose your virginity by breaking your Hymen? Well, no. Only by indulging in any form of sexual activity can you lose your ‘virginity’ and everything else is merely tearing of the Hymen.


Now let’s try to understand if tampons can affect our virginity in any way. 


Tampons, Virginity, and Pain

Tampons cannot take one’s virginity because the person using it is not involved in a sexual activity for the first time; instead, she is simply, using a menstrual hygiene product. 

Now, coming to the Hymen, a tampon can cause your Hymen to break or stretch. Although it is uncommon because –

- Hymen wears down over time, and not every woman has a hymen. Most women have a reduced, delicate, minimal hymen which has already torn by adolescence because of regular activities like dancing, running, etc. 

- Tampons are compressed for easier insertion and are small before coming in contact with any liquid. Hence, chances of it tearing the Hymen are less. 

Now, if you’re using a tampon for the first time, you may find that the vaginal opening is not big enough, especially if you’re using a super-absorbent tampon. In such a case, you may experience some discomfort. So, start with a regular or small-sized tampon to reduce the pain and discomfort. A natural feeling of discomfort while inserting and removing a tampon persists especially for the first few times. It does not relate to your virginity at all. You may also not like the feeling of it in the initial days. But with enough practice, you will use a tampon like a pro! 

So, guys, don’t be daunted by tampons. Most of your fears are stemmed from myths, and you just need to educate yourself and give your body the time to adjust. That’s it. And hey, don’t forget to check out Pee Safe’s extra soft Organic and Biodegradable Tampons!

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