Anyone can get tired of keeping a track of pads and buying them every month. If you want to free yourself from this cycle and have yourself worry about one less thing, you should switch to Reusable Sanitary Pads. They are like regular pads and come with wings for you to keep them in place. These pads offer a high absorption capacity and are very economical in nature. They come in a leak proof pouch for easy and safe storage making your travel convenient. Such are the reusable pads by Pee Safe.

Despite the advantages that are offered by reusable pads, they have been considered to be unhygienic by many. These beliefs are unfounded and we are here to break it down for you.


Reusable Pads: Is cleaning a problem?

The reusable pads are durable and eco-friendly as they can last for about one whole year if proper care is taken. In fact, taking care of it is just as easy. You can soak them in cold water and simply wash them like your panties.  


Reusable Pads: Do they cause infections?

These pads are made of breathable and soft fabric which prevents any kind of itching and rashes, as opposed to the plastic sanitary pads. In the case of reusable pads also, it is crucial to take care of your intimate hygiene. Once that is in place, reusable pads are just as great as tampons, menstrual cups or regular biodegradable pads. 

Vaginal infections mostly happen because of the change in its PH levels or when the harmony of the naturally occurring vaginal microbes is disrupted. Since these pads are crafted from breathable fabric and do not alter the PH balance, you do not get infections.



Reusable Pads: Are they safe?

Yes, reusable pads are safe for your health. A standard plastic sanitary pad comes with artificial fragrances, adhesive and bleaching chemicals which can cause rashes. This means that the disposable sanitary pads may not be as sanitary as you might have thought them to be. This is not the case with reusable pads. They are safe to use as they are made of soft fabric. They also do not hamper with PH levels of the intimate area – precisely what your vagina needs.


Reusable Pads: Do they smell?

We are sure this is one of your major concerns when we tell you about reusable pads. The answer to this question is no, they don’t smell. They tend to be fresher than disposable pads because they are made from the fabric that allows moisture to evaporate. This means the unwanted bacteria cannot produce bad smell. However, if you do notice an unusual smell, it could be due to an accumulation of bacteria. You should always get it checked with your doctor once.


Reusable Pads: How often to change the pads?

This depends on your flow and the absorption capacity of the pads. They should be changed so that your intimate area does not become a breeding ground for bacteria to grow. So, you can treat them like a standard pad and change them.

The choice is over to you. You can keep thousands of plastic based pads from going into the landfills. You have a good reason to switch to reusable sanitary pads. They are good for the environment and for you. 


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