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Menstrual Cup vs Menstrual Disc: What’s a Better ‘Fit’ For You


With the menstrual care product range hitting an all-time high, a menstruator nowadays has an array of products to choose from. The recent one being a Menstrual Disc. So without further adieu let’s dive deep to understand and compare the functionality of a Menstrual Disc vs Menstrual cup and find out, which ultimately is a better ‘fit’ for you. 

Both the Menstrual Cup and Menstrual Disc are made from medical-grade silicone. They can be reused and last easily for at least a few years. They both have to be inserted vaginally during your period to collect the blood flow. 

Once removed, the menstrual blood needs to be emptied out and it is essential to wash the product properly before inserting again. Both the cup and disc need to be sterilized when storing it away between your monthly cycles. 

Menstrual Disc Vs Cup Shape and Size

A menstrual cup is very flexible with a bell-shaped design and a little stem at the bottom. It comes in different sizes like XS, S-M and L. Depending on your menstrual flow and cervix height, the right size cup can work for you. Whereas the disc, as the name suggests, is flexible too and looks like a flattish bowl with a rim and comes in one size that fits all.

Menstrual Disc Vs Cup Insertion

The menstrual cup uses the fold methods such as C shape, Punch down, or 7 fold, for comfortable insertion. Whereas, the menstrual disc needs to be pinched in the center to form an 8 shape for insertion. 

Menstrual Disc Vs Cup Placement

The menstrual cup settles in the vaginal canal area and stays in place due to the suction that forms from the surrounding muscles, leading to minimal chances of leakage. To know more about the placement you should definitely read how to use a menstrual cup for better understanding. 

The disc, however, sits into your vaginal fornix, the widest part at the end of your vaginal canal almost touching your cervix. The disc does not rely on suction, it is placed at an angle and is supported by the pelvic bone and surrounding muscles. 

Menstrual Cup Vs Disc Capacity

Menstrual cups can typically hold up to 26 ml of blood depending on the size of the cup and can be worn for up 12 hours. Menstrual discs however have a larger capacity of storing up to 55 ml of menstrual blood and can also be worn for up to 12 hours straight. 

Menstrual Disc Vs Cup Sexual Activity

Menstrual cups are not an ideal product to use if you’re looking at indulging in penetrative sexual activity. On the other hand, the menstrual disc is penetration friendly as it is placed way back up to the cervix area, making it user-friendly for mess-free period sex. 

Menstrual Disc Vs Cup Removal

To remove the cup, simply pinch the cup wall to break the suction and pull it out with the help of the stem. Dispose of the menstrual blood and wash the cup with a menstrual cup wash and insert it back again. Similarly, to remove a disc, simply insert a clean finger in a hooked shape, right up to the disc and just unhook it from its position and slowly pull it out. Sterilizing both the cup and disc before storing them away between monthly cycles is absolutely essential to avoid any infections.

With more pros than cons, menstrual cups, and discs is the future of a healthy, green, and economic menstrual life. Pick your preferred one and see what a massive difference you will experience, once you get used to one of these. 


The blog has been written by Divya Sethi

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