8 Menstrual Cup Myths Busted!

8 Menstrual Cup Myths Busted!


Finding your way around the Menstrual Cup is all part of the techniques you use for the insertion & removal. You might find it tricky at first, but with time you realize it’s all about finding the right fold for you and getting a hang of it. Even though a lot of menstruators swear by the cup, there are still lots of myths taking up space around its usage and functionality. We’ve come so far with innovating the cup to fit the daily use, now it’s time to lay down the facts! Below are the top 8 myths surrounding the menstrual cups and the straight-up facts:


Myth 1: You cannot use a Menstrual Cup if you haven’t had sex.

Fact: Well, there’s no qualification criteria to keeping cup with your periods, to begin with. Anyone who’s either a teen or an adult who has given birth can use the cup. The hymen is an elastic tissue that is extremely flexible and is not necessarily harmed by using the cup. And no, it also won’t make you lose your virginity; (although, the whole concept of virginity is a little flawed) a cup will not make you lose anything except those extra trips to the pharmacist every week. 


Myth 2: It’ll get lost inside my vagina.

Fact: Contrary to the belief, there just isn’t enough space for the cup to get lost in there. Due to the length of the vaginal canal at times it might seem that you aren’t able to locate your cup, but all you gotta do is get in a better position and locate the stem of the cup. Let the stem be your guiding light during those bleak times. 


Myth 3: You have to change your cup every year.

Fact: No, you don’t. Reusable menstrual cups are made of medical-grade silicone, that is safe for your body and suitable for use, and the best part? It can be used for up to 5 years, provided you’re taking good care of your cup with regular washes between your menstrual cycle with a Natural Menstrual Cup Foam Wash and sterilizing with a Menstrual Cup Steam Sterilizer after every cycle. A little care can take the cup a long way! 

Menstrual cup


Myth 4: There’s a universal cup size for all.

Fact: As delightful as that would’ve been, it’s also not true. Unlike menstrual discs, cups don’t come in a one size fits all variant. Pee Safe’s Reusable Menstrual Cup comes in 3 different sizes and 3 different uses;

1. XS: It’s recommended for teenagers and first-timers. This variant collects up to 16ml.

2. S: It’s recommended for menstruators above 18 years, who either haven’t given birth or given birth via c-section. It has a capacity of up to 21ml.

3. L: It’s recommended for individuals who are above 18 years and have given birth vaginally. It can collect up to 26ml.

The sizes of the cups can also vary based on the cervix size, so if it feels uncomfortable or it’s leaking, you might be meddling with the wrong size. 


Myth 5: The blood will backflow if I lay down.

Fact: Your vaginal tract is a one-way street! The blood will not flow back even if you’re upside down or doing a cartwheel. It simply doesn’t work like that. The blood that flows out of your uterus once, doesn’t go back inside. I mean, you don’t always end up puking your food just cause you chose to be upside down, even though there’s food in your stomach. 


Myth 6: You have to take the menstrual cup out for peeing. 

Fact: That again is not true. Your menstrual cup goes inside your vagina and sits at the base of your cervix. However, you pee from your urethra, which is located far out and above your vagina, hence those two paths are not going to cross ever. You can pee while wearing a cup with ease. 


Myth 7: Menstrual cups are not meant for long term use.

Fact: The fact that these medical-grade silicone cups can last for 5 years is enough to bust this myth, but even then here are a few more reasons; a menstrual cup is completely safe to be worn for hours while menstruating, it can be worn for up to 12 hours but needs to be emptied every 3 to 4 hours, to keep a check on your flow. This cup can sustain the heaviest of flows provided you remember to empty it with time. Unlike plastic and other materials, medical-grade silicone is completely safe & suitable for your body and has no side effects. 


Myth 8: You can’t sleep, swim, or exercise while wearing a cup.

Fact: Given the nature of the cup and its ability to create a vacuum preventing any leakage makes it the perfect partner for all your outdoor activities. You can easily swim, run, exercise, or even go on roller coaster rides while wearing the cup, and also, you can definitely sleep with it and rely on the cup to have your back during that time (quite literally)!

Well, here are some facts straight out of the myth-busting factory! If you know any more myths that are going around or questions related to how to use a menstrual cup, lay them down in the comments below.


✍️ This article was curated by Nikhil Malla.

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