The Curious Case Of The Clitoris!

The Curious Case Of The Clitoris!



In 1559, Italian anatomist Realdo Colombo claimed to have discovered the clitoris. It’s been almost 450 years since then, yet these claims have still not been made true for many people. Over the history of human evolution, humans have created things that never existed before, yet most of them still haven’t been able to find the clitoris, even when it has been sitting right in front of them(quite literally)! 

Is the clitoris a mythical being? Where does it live?

The clitoris, seemingly difficult to find but ever-present, is a part of the vulva; the external parts of the female genitalia. It is located above the vaginal opening. It’s one of the prime erogenous zones or the feel-good zones of the human body. This means that there are more nerve endings near the clit, hence, more pleasure. Penetrative sex has never really been inclusive of the clit unless you or your partner know how to efficiently work their hands (IYKYK), mostly because penetrative sex takes place internally and the clit is um, kinda outside, so yeah. Remember, the Number 7 reference by Monica? She referred to the 7 erogenous zone or hot spots present on the female body, with a massive focus on 7. Now you know what she was talking about ;)

What is clitoral stimulation?

Imagine sex, but better! Well, that’s exactly how it is for some people. Some people aren’t able to orgasm by just penetrative sex unless they receive some clitoral stimulation. After all, sex isn’t just wam, bam, & stir things in a jam. It takes a lot of effort & passion to master the art of self-pleasure & pleasuring someone else!
Here are some inside tips for you to understand how to praise the clit:

1. Initiate Contact
Now that you’ve (hopefully) located & identified its position. It’s time to make contact with it, with gentle soft rubs. You can use your hands, fingers, or just go down on your partner to slide up, down, & around the clitoris & the clitoris hood.

2. Don’t Slap, Just Tap

Slow generous taps around the clitoris & the hood help in gradually building up the orgasm. You can speed up with time.

3. Trust In The Vibes

Brrrrrr, good vibes incoming! If not already then Full Body Massagers are going to be your BFFs for real. They help reduce human effort and come in various different settings from super slow to your wildest imagination.

4. Get Aboard The Penetration Train

Now, penetrative sex won’t exactly lead to any clitoral stimulation unless you broaden the scopes. Get creative during foreplay with hands & fingers, cover more ground, and make sure that ground knows it’s loved. Even during sex, rubbing or tapping around the clitoris and the hood can help in achieving a fulfilling orgasm.

5. Get Behind & Grind

Whether you’re flying solo or with company, you can either grind over a pillow, your partner or just get creative(not wild creative though)! 

Well, that’s all about the new(pretty old though) hit, the ever so easily missed clit. Hope you understand its importance & functionality now.


✍️ This article was curated by Nikhil Malla.

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