With summer comes stains

With summer comes stains


Summer often resonates with the Sun shining at its brightest, the hottest loo blowing and a constant desire to dive into a tub of ice cream. It is also synonymous with infinite plans being made for the upcoming vacations.

But for the folks who absolutely loathe summer, the season only means constant sweat and skincare problems. The struggle of the sweat season is real and often shows up as patches under the armpits. These sweat patches don't leave a single of embarrassing us, often leading to sticky situations.

Whether it is a date or an important meeting, like unwanted guests, these sweat patches show up and put us in awkward situations. They definitely take a toll on one's confidence. The dreaded sweat patch is also accompanied by a bad odour, making us feel slimy throughout the day.

In order to avoid excessive sweat, it is recommended that one wears breathable fabrics and avoids spicy food during this season. Use of antiperspirants and sweat pads can also help fight the sweat and bad odour. However, most of the antiperspirants which are available in the market are full of chemicals and lead to irritated skin.

In order to avoid irritated skin, the best decision for a consumer is to invest in good quality sweat pads, which do not leave unwanted marks on the fabric.

Usage of sweat pads regularly during summer,  not only helps to fight the excessive sweat and bad odour but also saves one's favourite clothing from colour bleeding. For people who suffer from excessive sweating i.e. hyperhidrosis, sweat pads could be quite a saviour.

Pee Safe's ‘Disposable Underarms Pads’ are breathable and deodorizing in nature. These soft pads come with an adhesive peel-off and provide a shield against the armpit sweat. They absorb sweat and bad odour and keep one fresh throughout the day.  These pads also prolong the life of your garment by preventing sweat stains and colour bleeding.

Unlike most of the pads which fall off or stick to the skin instead of the garment, these 120  x 125 mm pads adhere securely and stay in place all day long. Since they are applied to the inside of the garments, there's no chance of skin irritation. They are invisible from the outside and definitely rescue one from sticky situations.

Brace yourself for the sweat season by investing in a good packet of sweat pads this summer. This hidden superhero could save you and others around you from a lot of misery.



Written by: Aanchal Katyal

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