Pee Safe Disposable Underarm Sweat Pads (Folded) - 7 Pairs

Rs. 180

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How many times have your excessive sweating put you in awkward situations? Whether it’s an important business meeting or a Friday lunch date – those sweaty armpits really put you in a sticky situation! Here comes PeeSafe to your rescue – with the innovative product of ‘Disposable Underarms Pads’. Say goodbye to the hassles of sweating, staining and odours with these adhesive peel-off sticking pads now. It not only absorbs sweat and bad odour to keep you fresh all day long but also prolongs the life of your clothing by preventing sweat stains and colour bleeding.

The soft texture of the pads is breathable and deodorizing in nature, hence the pad is invisible from the outside of your clothes. Owing to its folded shape, it adheres securely over your clothing and stays in place all day long. It can used by everyone but are particularly suitable for people suffering from hyperhidrosis.

These folded Sweat Pads are of 120 mm x 125 mm and hence are able to give you an optimal coverage over your sweat glands, keeping you dry and fresh. These Disposable Underams Pads also come in another variant of ‘Straight’ pads that come without the ‘fold’ characteristics. Please note that the adhesive may have varying sticking strength depending upon the fabric materials

Product Key Features:

  • Absorbs sweat and prevents bad odour
  • Prolongs life of clothing
  • Prevents sweat stains and colour bleeding
  • Breathable and Deodorizing in nature
  • Adhesive offers secure attachment

Directions to Use:

  1. Remove the adhesive peel-off strips
  2. Stick pad to inside of clothing over the underarm seam
  3. No more stains or bad odour
  4. Note: Do remove the pads from clothing before putting them to wash. Also the pads are never to be used over the body, and are only meant to stick over clothes.

        Customer Reviews

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        Pee Safe Disposable Underarm Sweat Pads (Folded) - 7 Pairs

        Very useful product.

        Very useful product. Doesn't let the sweat reach the shirt in the underarms.

        Bye bye sweaty underarms

        Full marks for this product

        Saves my shirts all the time

        Prevents color bleeding of shirt from underarms and keeps the armpit sweat-free by absorbing sweat.


        Never knew such products exists.... Its a great relief


        We can't stop sweating as it is a natural thing, but we can avoid it by wearing an antiperspirant or sweat pads thanks Pee Safe for bringing such an innovative product.

        Odour free life

        Freedom from the worry about the stains & excessive sweat which further causes that untolerable odour. Very convenient, excellent product for the ones who are into field jobs, even for the kids out in the ground for longer hours. Must try product.
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        This is so much required! Thanks PeeSafe

        Because I stay in Mumbai where humidity is high all the time, it was a nightmare for me to step out in my best clothes. Sweat stains can lead to embarrassing situation. Thanks to Peesafe Underarm sweat pads, life has now become so much easier. It's cottony soft feeling gives extra comfort and quickly absorbs sweat and also controls odour. Can't thank Peesafe enough for this.

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