Why Should You Carry Toilet Seat Sanitizer For Travel?

Why Should You Carry Toilet Seat Sanitizer For Travel?


Travelling is exciting and gives a new meaning to life. But, the aspect of hygiene is crucial to keep in mind during travel. The more you are away from home, the more you are prone to germs and bacteria, especially in public toilets. When travelling, you don’t usually get well-sanitized toilets. But you have the option to sanitize them for use by carrying a toilet seat sanitizer for germ protection

What Does A Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray Do?

A toilet seat sanitizer spray disinfects the toilet seat surface by killing 99% of the germs within 10 seconds. It contains antimicrobial agents that destroy harmful germs and bacteria present on the toilet seat.

Benefits Of Adding Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray To Your Travel Essentials

Travel essentials are the products that you add to your luggage while packing. Toiletries are one of the important essentials. So, adding toilet seat sanitizer spray to your toiletry bag can alleviate the risk of getting infections through public toilets. 

Here are the benefits of adding toilet seat sanitizer spray to your travel essentials:

  • Provides germ protection: Public toilets are prone to germs and bacteria because they are used by many people. There is a possibility that those people might not maintain personal hygiene. This may transfer germs from their body to the toilet seat, making it a breeding ground for those germs.
    The toilet sanitizer spray disinfects the surface of toilet seats by killing almost all of the germs that may lead to infections like urinary tract infections. 
  • Eliminates bad odour: The presence of bad odour in public toilets is very common since the urination and excretion process involves foul smell. This is why toilet sanitizer spray should be used as it includes fragrances - mint, lavender, and floral; to prevent bad odour in the toilet. You can opt for any fragrance of your choice to get rid of the pungent smell of toilets with the good ones.
  • Travel-friendly: The toilet seat sanitizer spray bottle is very light in weight and comes in three quantities - 50 ml, 75 ml, and 300 ml. You can keep a 50 ml or 75 ml bottle as per the need.
  • Multi-purpose: The toilet seat sanitizer is not only meant for disinfecting toilet seats but also other infected surfaces such as faucets, flush knobs, and door handles.

So, these are the benefits of carrying toilet seat sanitizer spray for travel.

How To Use Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray?

As the name suggests, you just have to spray it on the toilet seat. However, you should follow the given instructions to utilize it effectively.

  • Shake the bottle: Shaking the toilet seat sanitizer bottle ensures that the ingredients present in the sanitizer are activated.
  • Spray: Spray the product on the toilet seat you want to disinfect from the germs.
  • Wait: Wait for the toilet seat sanitizer to destroy the germs for 10 seconds.

These simple and easy steps would give you a germ-free toilet experience.


Public toilets are prone to many germs and bacteria. When using them, you come in direct contact with those germs through toilet seats as they are a breeding ground for them. These germs can enter your genital area, resulting in infections like urinary tract infections. In order to ensure germ protection and have an enjoyable travel experience, you should travel with toilet seat sanitizer spray.


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