Unveiling the Benefits of Menstrual Discs  For Heavy Period Flow

Unveiling the Benefits of Menstrual Discs For Heavy Period Flow


Menstrual discs can be a boon for menstruating individuals who experience heavy period flow. There are several options for menstrual hygiene products in the market. Nevertheless, most of them are suitable for people with light or medium flow. 

Heavy period flow may cause extreme discomfort if the right menstrual product is not used. Therefore, you can opt for a menstrual disc for heavy flow to save up your energy in minimizing the changing frequency and leakage issues. There are more benefits of menstrual discs, but before learning them, let us know what they exactly are. 

What is a menstrual disc? 

A menstrual disc is designed specifically for people who experience heavy period flow. It is meant to be inserted into the vagina where it creates a seal against the cervix, ensuring leakage protection. It can collect up to 55 ml of menstrual fluid, leaving you with no worries of spillage. 

Understanding The Benefits Of Menstrual Disc

Menstrual discs are silicone-based menstrual products that are absolutely safe to use during periods. Here are the menstrual disc benefits:

  • Menstrual discs are reusable: The menstrual discs are made up of medical-grade silicone, ensuring that they can be used multiple times. You can use them for up to five years, which makes them a great reusable menstrual product.
  • Menstrual discs are environment friendly: Most of the menstrual hygiene products are for single-use purposes. This creates a lot of environmental waste and causes more harm to the environment if they contain plastics. Since the menstrual discs are reusable, they help you contribute to environmental degradation at a very less frequency.
  • Menstrual discs are pocket friendly: Choosing a menstrual disc as your menstrual hygiene product can help you save a lot of money as it acts as a one-time investment for five years. 
  • Menstrual discs prevent odour: The menstrual blood develops a foul smell when it comes in contact with air. However, wearing the menstrual disc can prevent the odour as it is inserted into the vagina, allowing no contact with air.
  • Menstrual discs allow you to do water sports: One of the best menstrual disc benefits include the ability to swim or do other water activities without any worries of spilling off your blood.
  • Menstrual disc collects blood for 12 hours: Menstrual discs have the capacity to collect approximately 55 ml of the menstrual fluid for upto 12 hours. However, you need to maintain hygiene and wash the blood off after every 12 hours in order to enjoy menstrual disc benefit.
  • Menstrual discs are sex friendly: Period sex can be a bit troublesome as the blood can spill here and there. Using a menstrual disc during menstruation can help you enjoy the period sex comfortably. This menstrual disc benefit makes it unique and worth spending the money for.


Menstrual disc is a great option for maintaining hygiene during menstruation. It offers several benefits including leakage protection, good holding capacity, reusability, odour prevention, cost effectiveness, and environmental friendliness. One unique advantage it has to offer is the ability to enjoy period sex comfortably. Considering all these benefits of menstrual disc, would you like to try your hands on it? To know more, visit the Pee Safe website. 


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