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Reusable Menstrual Cup: Another Step Away From Single-Use Plastic


Reusable menstrual cups are silicone-based hygiene products designed for menstruation. The primary material, medical-grade silicone, ensures the durability and reusability of these menstrual cups. However, the alternative to it includes disposable sanitary napkins that mostly contain plastic. Pads and tampons are wrapped in plastic bags, which makes these single-use products a big contributor to environmental degradation. 

Menstrual cups being durable for up to five years are a green alternative. You can not change the natural phenomenon of menstruation, but what you can change is the menstrual product. Let us know why should you switch to a reusable menstrual cup from single-use plastic-based menstrual products. 

Why is a menstrual cup better than single-use plastic menstrual products?

There are plenty of options for menstrual products available in the market. Those options include plastic-based sanitary napkins that are meant to be disposed off after a single use. But, there’s a greener alternative to such menstrual products- reusable menstrual cups.

Here are the following factors that make menstrual cups a better option than single-use plastic-based products: 

  • Reusability: Menstrual cups can be reused for up to 5 years whereas plastic-based disposable sanitary napkins are meant for single use only.
  • Environmental-friendly: The continuous use of single-use plastic-based sanitary napkins contributes heavily to environmental degradation as plastic is non-biodegradable. Whereas the reusable menstrual cup is also not biodegradable as it is made up of medical-grade silicone, however, its usage for a longer period can minimize the effect.
  • Leakproof: Menstrual cups are supposed to be inserted into the vagina, whereas plastic-based sanitary napkins are meant to be attached to the panty. This is why menstrual cups ensure leak protection and non-biodegradable napkins do not. You can do swimming or come in contact with water without worrying about leakage.
  • Travel-friendly: A menstrual cup is smaller in size as compared to a collection of multiple pads. Hence, it can be carried easily for travel. You just need to carry one menstrual cup and you are good to go. Whereas you have to carry multiple single-use plastic-based sanitary napkins that may consume more space in your luggage.
  • Cost-effective: Since plastic-based sanitary napkins are meant for single use, you have to buy them frequently. Whereas the menstrual cup is a one-time investment for five years, reducing the cost expenses.
  • Rash-free: The menstrual cramps make the period experience troublesome already, and you don’t want to go through any other problems. However, the inner thighs are prone to rashes because of the non-biodegradable sanitary napkin’s wings. So, in order to prevent those rashes, you can use menstrual cups.
  • Less changing frequency: Reusable menstrual cups can collect menstrual fluid for up to 12 hours. So, you don’t have to worry about disposing off the blood frequently. Whereas in the case of non-biodegradable sanitary napkins, you have to change it after 4 to 6 hours depending on your menstrual flow.


Reusable menstrual cups are a greener alternative to single-use plastic-based menstrual products. They contribute to less environmental degradation and are cost-effective as they can be used for up to five years. They ensure leakage protection and offer a great advantage during travelling as you don’t have to carry multiple plastic-based sanitary napkins that are meant to be disposed off after single use. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about changing it for up 12 hours.


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