Post-Sex Routine: 3 Tips That Will Save You From Infections

Post-Sex Routine: 3 Tips That Will Save You From Infections


You've probably seen actors who look neat and polished after a steamy on-screen scene, but this is far from the case. We can all agree (from personal experience) that sex is a messy business that includes a lot of sweating. Although many people prefer cuddling and pillow talk immediately after doing the deed, what they very casually overlook is ‘Cleaning' right! It's the act that gets the least amount of attention right after the climax.

Don't get us wrong: it's not a race to see who can clean the best and fastest, but you must understand how vital it is to take the necessary precautions to keep infections and grime at bay. We know how muddled your mind will be after sex, so here's a piece that includes steps you can take with your partner. (Couple goals, right?


  1. Flush it out: Simply pee to flush out all of the fluids and microscopic bacteria. Regardless of how much you want to cuddle or sleep. It is important to empty your bladder after sex in order to avoid UTIs and painful bladder infections.


  1. Clean, Wash & Dry: The holy grail of post-sex hygiene. Getting dirty has no bounds, and neither should cleaning up! Use Intimate wipes from front to back that have been specially curated for your intimates. Wipes are fantastic and convenient to use if you don't have access to a restroom or are too lazy to walk to one. Another option is to use a natural intimate wash. Following sex, your intimate area may feel sensitive or inflamed. To relieve it, use a gentle cleanser that contains no harsh chemicals. Finally, pat the area dry because a damp intimate area is prone to irritation and yeast infections. Ladies, beware of social media gimmicks like douching! It is not advised because it increases the risk of infection and may cause pregnancy complications.


  1. Ditch the Thong: The final step in your sex aftercare regimen. This is for you if you are prone to yeast infections such as Thrush. It is essential to dress in loose-fitting cotton clothing and cotton panties such as boyshorts or hipsters. Let  your skin breathe and stay cool. 


Remember that it doesn't matter how dirty you get while having sex; what matters is how you clean yourself afterwards. 

Intimate hygiene for the win! 


✍️ This article was curated by Divyansh Mehta

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