Everything you need to know about Menstrual Cup

Everything you need to know about Menstrual Cup

Sustainability is not a simple choice given the availability of convenient options all around. 

It's a choice opted by every environmentalist determined to make our planet the best place to live on. 

Menstrual cup is one such product introduced to reduce the usage of pads and tampons that don't easily disintegrate into the environment. They take approximately 500 years to degrade.

Pee Safe Menstrual Cup lasts for at least 5 years and is made with 100% Medical Grade Silicone.

These cups are supposed to be inserted inside your vagina just like a tampon. 

They are so safe that can be worn for 12 hours without you having to worry about the consequences of having an alien object inside of you for that long. 

Now you might have heard that using cups is quite tricky and we wouldn't completely disagree with that. Unlike a tampon they're to be folded in certain ways for an easy and successful insertion. 

Once you've done that, the suction created by the cup inside will help it stay in its place and your blood will automatically start collecting in that. 

Everything that you hated about sanitary pads is now taken care of in the form of a menstrual cup. 

It can take 1-2 cycles to really understand how to insert the cup and not have any leaks. 

This cup is FDA approved and you can't feel a thing inside of you even when you are bleeding. Once it's full, you can simply break the suction and take the cup out, rinse it with plain water and put it back in. 

             Also, menstrual cups do not affect your virginity

Imagine the kind of positive impact we're going to contribute to by simply switching over to cups. 

The only advice we'd give out would be for you to get to know your body a little better to excel the art of insertion all by yourself ;) 

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Any non-perfumed soap usually does the trick. Although, our recommendation would always be of using just water. Filtered water would be even better.

Ishitaa Sachdeva Wed, Apr 15, 20

Do you have recommendations for soap products to wash the cups?

Trish Wed, Apr 15, 20

Since you haven’t given birth, we’d strongly suggest a small for the time being. While removing the cup, the best way would be for you to just take a seat on the pot, try to relax yourself, pinch the cup to break the suction and slowly start pulling it out. A little discomfort is normal so don’t worry about that. You can reach out to us at care@peesafe.com or on our instagram account @peesafe for any other questions.

Ishitaa Sachdeva Wed, Apr 15, 20

I have bit stress during removing my cup. and is it okay to use large cup cz I have never given birth?

nishi dumasia Wed, Apr 15, 20

Hey, we’re glad you read our blog and we hope it was a bit useful. Unfortunately, we can’t pinpoint the exact reason for your discomfort. It’s possible that it’s not the cup at all and just your period causing a bit of trouble. Maybe you could try using a pad instead of the cup on the first day of your cycle. Reach out to us again once you do that and then we can figure out what the real issue is.

Ishitaa Sachdeva Wed, Apr 15, 20

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