Intimate Hygiene: Importance and Tips

Intimate Hygiene: Importance and Tips

Aren’t we all extremely diligent when it comes to purchasing face washes, shampoos, moisturisers or any other personal care products?

We’re sure the answer is a resounding yes. But we overlook an important organ of our bodies - our vaginas. Most of you out there will agree that you have not given your vaginas the required attention it deserved. Read further to know the importance of intimate hygiene and how to take care of your vagina.


Why is vaginal hygiene important?

The three most common vaginal problems are yeasts infection, trichomoniasis and Bacterial Vaginosis (BV). Yeast infection can happen as a result of pregnancy, poor eating habits or antibiotics causing an imbalance in natural vaginal flora. Trichomoniasis occurs because of unprotected sex. Lastly, Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) is caused by the overgrowth of bacteria naturally occurring in the vagina. 

An unhealthy vagina can cause itchiness, discomfort, bad odour, discharge, rashes or urinary tract infections. We unanimously agree that any kind of discomfort is something we would not want at all. So, it’s about time that we take intimate hygiene seriously and keep our vaginas healthy.

After having established the importance of vagina, we can now go over a few ways to maintain it visit to know more about all INTIMATE HYGIENE PRODUCT


The key to keeping your vagina healthy is by sustaining the pH balance. Using bathing soaps for the vagina can disrupt this balance and cause more harm than expected. Washing it right can be done by making using of a gentle intimate wash which can cleanse the intimate area while batting off the infections causing microbes.

The intimate area should also be protected against infections that can be caught while using public washrooms. This is where intimate wipes come in handy and Pee Safe could help you with its Intimate Wash and Wipes.


Sex is intimate and it demands hygiene from both the partners. Using condoms while having sex keeps sexually transmitted diseases as far as possible. Unfortunately, it’s not this simple. It is equally important to pee and wash away the residue after sex or else it might cause allergies, bad odour or even UTI.


The tighter the clothing, the greater are the chances for sweat and moisture to be trapped that can cause rashes. For a healthy hygiene, resort to comfortable innerwear. It can help you stay fresh and away from infections.

While this may be a no-brainer, we would like to take this opportunity to remind you to change out sweaty or wet clothes. Keep an extra set of dry clothes when you are going to the gym or the beach.


A woman has 450-500 periods in her lifetime. This translates into times when your vagina could become a breeding ground for infections.

Sanitary pads or tampons, whichever product you prefer to use during periods, should be changed regularly. It will prevent bacterial growth in the intimate area. If you use a menstrual cup, remember to sterilise it after every cycle.

Healthy Diet

Yes, you read it right. A balanced diet never stops being effective. It keeps diseases away and this holds true for your vagina also. For example, Candida yeast can prove to be quite harmful for the vaginal health and it feeds on sugars. Therefore, controlling the sugar intake will keep the yeast away including leafy vegetables and probiotics foods will maintain overall health.


The health of your intimate area will be determined by the decisions you make today. It can be tricky to tell if problems like vaginal itching or white discharge are minor issues that will go away on their own, or if they’re because of something more serious.

But it is always better to be prepared today than be sorry later. So, pay your gynaecologist a visit if you feel the need to stay safe and healthy.


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