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Have A Menstrual Product Stuck Inside? Here’s What You Can Do!

Menstrual Product Removal

Have you ever gone to remove your tampon, menstrual cup or menstrual disc only to realize that you can't find it? It seems like your menstrual product is playing hide and seek inside your vagina!

Here’s a low down on what you can do when this happens.

Why Is My Menstrual Product Not Coming Out?

There could be a few different reasons as to why your menstrual product is not coming out. Your tampon for instance might shift inside your vagina, making the string inaccessible. It might have also moved a little higher up your vagina as you perform your day to day activities. Your menstrual cup on the other hand can be stuck due to reasons such as improper insertion or wrong size. A product like menstrual disc can’t actually get stuck as it has no suction. However, it can feel stuck as it is inserted higher up in the cervix and for beginners, it can be a little difficult to reach while taking out.

    Remember, menstruation is a learning curve in itself and you are bound to face difficulties!


    Can A Menstrual Product Get Lost In My Body?

    We’ve all thought of this at least once, and the answer is- NO! Your menstrual product cannot get lost inside you. Your cervix, the part that connects your vagina to your uterus, is simply too small for a menstrual cup, disc or even a tampon to pass through! If you cannot find your menstrual product, don’t fret, it’s there somewhere in your vagina and not lost your body!

      How to take out a stuck tampon, menstrual cup or menstrual disc seems to constantly be on our minds. Here are some steps you can follow to take out your product with ease:


      STEP 1: Don’t Panic And Relax

      While your instant reaction to the situation might be to panic and freak out, take a moment to gather your thoughts. Your sanitary product cannot go anywhere. It most certainly cannot enter your body and get lost either, your cervix is too narrow for this to happen. Now, when you think your sanitary product is stuck, it is quite common to search for answers on the internet- “Can menstrual cups get stuck?”, “Why is my tampon stuck? How to take out a stuck tampon?” or “I’m unable to take out my menstrual disc, what should I do?”, etc. But don’t worry, we’ve got you! It has mostly just moved higher up and is difficult to reach now. Make sure you’re rationalizing instead of panicking!


        STEP 2: Bear Down Like You’re Pooping

        Once you’re calm, start bearing down like you’re pooping. Remember being calm is extremely important in this case. When you’re stressed or tense, your vaginal muscles tend to contract making it difficult to dislodge your product. Bearing down will help push the product a little further enabling you to grab it easily.


          STEP 3: Squat Down Like A Baddie!

          Want to make this easier? Squatting down while you’re pushing certainly helps speed up this process. Squatting will help push your product a little further making it easier to access and remove.


            STEP 4: Remove The Product Gently

            Once you feel that you have a good hold of the base of your tampon or the tampon string, gently pull it out. In case of a menstrual cup, gently grab the stem of the cup and pinch the base to break suction and pull the cup out. Make sure you’re not aimlessly tugging at the product to dislodge it. Remember this will not help break the suction of the cup and will only cause discomfort. For a menstrual disc, insert your finger in your vagina and try to feel the rim of the disc with your finger. Once you feel it, gently pinch the rim of the disc and take it out.

              While it can seem a little daunting when you aren’t able to take your menstrual product out, and it can make you nervous at the same time, these few steps will help you take your menstrual product out with ease. Remember to take your menstrual product out in time, don’t leave your tampon, cup or disc inside for more than 6-7 hours. This can lead to infections, rashes or leakage.

              In case you cannot remove your product despite trying your best, make sure you visit your gynecologist for further help.

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