Common Toilet Diseases and Infections

Common Toilet Diseases and Infections

Public Toilets is a very scary word when we talk about it, especially in India. Whenever you are outside the comfort of your house or lush bathroom and you have no option but to use a public toilet that is when the struggle really starts. Firstly finding a public toilet in India is a very big deal. And if you are lucky enough to find one then whether it is clean,
whether you can really enter it is also a very big question. Many times we may control our urge to visit the public toilet. But in case of erratic bowel movements, there is no respite, you will have to use the public toilet.

Public Toilets are notorious for hosting unpleasant things and bacteria’s like Ecoli and many others. Public restrooms are not always the cleanest places to visit. Even a clean public restroom can harbor many germs just by the fact that so many people use the same facility all day long. Toilet seats are not hygienic even if they are cleaned regularly at public toilets.

A few tips to decrease your chance of contracting germs 

  •  Do not enter a toilet unless you spot some tissue rolls.
  •  If your only option is to use a dirtier or unclean stall, use more precaution and
    employ as many safe practices as possible.
  •  Whether the toilet seats are clean or dirty always wipe the toilet seat with
    disinfectant sprays. Use Toilet Seat Sanitizing Spray like PeeSafe. Peesafe
    toilet seat disinfecting spray kills 99.9% germs and is very safe to use.
  • When it's time to flush, don't use your hands. Use some tissue roll to press the flush.
  • The wash basin in public toilets is equally unhygienic like the toilet seat itself. It is because you come out with all the stuff on your hands to the basin. Wash your hands properly. Use liquid soap, rinse and wash your hands properly. Also, make sure you use tissues to close the tap if it is not automatic.
  •  Always dry your hands. If there is a dryer, it's the best option.
  •  When you are leaving the restroom there are chances that you will be touching the contaminated area next to the toilet door handles. Before heading out, pick a tissue or use the same toilet seat sanitizer spray to make it germ-free
  •  Use an alcohol -free natural hand sanitizer PalmSafe that provides protection from germs. It is a safe hand sanitizer and one of the best hand sanitizer for babies.

Toilet seat sanitizer sprays are very portable and can be easily carried anywhere in your purse or bag or even your pocket. PeeSafe products are completely safe to use on a daily basis and they help keep infections at bay.

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