Pollution Safe - Need For an Effective Defense Against "Air Pollution"

Pollution Safe - Need For an Effective Defense Against "Air Pollution"


With the growing rate of population, the causes for pollution have alarmingly increased in the past few years. The smog filled cities are ruthless to those who go out for day to day chores. The soot emitting cars and buses, the burning of cancer sticks on every nook and cranny, toxic chemical coughing factories are a few reasons as to why we need to look out for our skin more and more.

The air quality has degraded to a level where it is capable of inducing premature aging using oxidative stress. Although our skin is well versed in fighting pro-oxidative chemical and any other solid pollutants but a repetitive exposure to such harmful chemicals can lead our skin to be permanently damaged.

Oxidants enter the pores and breaks down collagen which in turn damage the DNA. With the genetic details disturbed the skin tends to age quickly leading itself down to the path of premature aging or even cancer.

In order to maintain a healthy skin one must follow a suitable skin care routine, which indulges in a regular prepping of face to seal the pores. However, the moisturizers that are used are sticky and tend to catch pollutants, which sits on the skin and multiply until scrubbed off. 

Pollution Safe Anti-Pollution Mist is a one shot protection kit that helps you shield your skin against the harmful chemicals and pollutants. With Herbal Shield and Aloe Vera extract the Mist is very effective in protecting and nourishing your skin simultaneously.


HerbaShield®​URB - The Solution to Pollution

In the war against pollution this shield is a COSMOS approved weapon. This shield comprises of watercress, horsetail and nettle extracts fixed in a unique matrix of Phospholipids and Maltodextrim which forms an barrier above the skin probing the body’s natural detoxification functionality to kick in and reduce the oxidative stress.


Green Tea Extract

The antioxidant content of Green Tea Extract defends the skin against aging caused by free radicals eventually increasing its elasticity. Green tea also helps in reducing the red skin bumps caused by acne.

The UV ray exposure causes inflammation; Green tea extract forms a barrier between the skin and the rays reducing the harm caused by sun exposure.


Aloe Vera Extract

To provide instant hydration to the skin and lessen the patchy dry skin Aloe Vera Extracts have been used. It nourishes the skin giving it a fresh smooth glowing skin. It effectively reduces any puffiness and dark spots brightening the skin instantly.


100% Kiwi

The elixir of all ingredients is the Kiwi Extract that not only protects but also moisturises the skin from deep within. It contains the enzyme actinidin, that destroys the dead skin cell and any pollutant that accumulate over the skin. It also maintains the pH level of the skin. In the end it gives the skin radiance from within.

Pollution Safe Mist helps you to face the pollutants without any fear of skin problems. Spray this Mist over your face and neck and you are good to go.

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