A new mom’s best friend

A new mom’s best friend


Being a new mother can be quite overwhelming for many and especially for the ones who go through it for the first time. 

Just when you think you’re done feeling discomfort, restless and hormonal, you’re being given a crash course on everything that’s coming your way.  
In as many words, you’re told that your body will now be bleeding and leaking simultaneously. 
Breast pads and maternity pads are now your best friends until your body calms down. 
Leaking breasts postpartum is caused due to the body being inexperienced in detecting the appropriate time to make milk for the baby. It takes some getting used to and till the time that happens, breast pads can definitely save the day. 
Breast pads are used to tackle lactation issues that are endured by new mothers.
The pads draw surplus away from the skin onto the pad and help avoid leaks within the clothes. 
These pads are designed to provide extreme comfort to new mothers with them being super absorbent, breathable, stays in place and locks in moisture. 
Using these for the first few months of breastfeeding is a must. Being away from your child can also instigate a leak or if there’s an oversupply of milk. 
Another temporary challenge is bleeding from your womb post pregnancy. This bleeding mostly happens from where the placenta was attached so you can’t escape this despite it being a natural birth or caesarean. 
Maternity pads are purposely made for heavy flow other than them being extra soft, well circulated and lock odour. These too, like the breast pads are to be used for a month. 
The blood during this time keeps changing colour from red to pink to even brown. Thus, not making it a point of concern. 
These two products should become your soul mates and must be used judiciously for your own hygiene and comfort.  
Allow Pee safe to help you go through a breezy motherhood!

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