Everyone, Everywhere

 Everyone, Everywhere


World Health Day was started to conquer the world by creating awareness. Millions of people are forced to choose between health and daily expenses like food, shelter etc. World Health Organization believes that everyone deserves and needs care.

Pee Safe was founded for a similar reason. The mission is to eradicate possible health risks by bringing in products that are cost effective, user friendly and efficient. The lack of women’s personal hygiene on this planet in this century is upsetting. 
The ignorance for diseases that women bear for using public washrooms is exactly why the toilet seat sanitizer spray has been brought to the market. This one product can allow you to pee without any constant worry of infections like UTI.
Anyone who has been through UTI can vouch for the fact that it’s the most painful thing in the world and we don’t wish that upon anyone, not even our enemies. 
Creating awareness for the same is extremely important. The toilet seat might appear to be squeaky clean, but it still has about 30% microbes clinging on. This could be sufficient to give the infection that you so direly do not need.
One of the biggest causes of UTI is postponing your visit to the washroom. This usually happens at the time of travelling when we don’t find our preferred choice of WCs. 
Urinary Tract Infection is quite prevalent among pregnant women. The chances of catching on to this kind of an infection increase during pregnancy and can cause severe problems like pre-term birth. A study has been conducted linking the two. You can acquire more knowledge through Global Healing Center.
Any washroom, no matter how unclean or unhygienic it may be, products like these can turn them into a sanitary region in 10 seconds. 
Being a woman, washrooms are the biggest nightmare. I carry my own toilet paper everywhere I go, but even that wouldn’t do the trick. 
According to the National Kidney Foundation, one in every 5 women will have UTI at least once in her lifetime and 80% of these will have reoccurrences. Currently, the odds aren’t with us. 
On this world’s health day, let’s vow to beat these odds by helping ourselves and others go through a lifetime without catching this horrific infection. 

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