how to manage bloating during period

6 Ways To Reduce Period Bloating

Managing Period Bloating

Period bloating can be fuzzy and an unpleasant addition to your already existing periods symptoms. Bloating is one of the most common period and PMS symptoms that most menstruators go through. While it might be less difficult for some to cope with it, for some it might be daunting. 

Let us delve into more about bloating and what you can do to manage it.

What is Period Bloating?

Bloating during periods is a condition in which  your belly is typically swollen or distended during your periods. Bloating might feel like a sudden weight gain or an unusual belly tightness, it can feel unpleasant and uncomfortable to deal with.

It is generally caused due to hormones and it occurs a few days before your periods or during your periods and is most likely to go away in a few days of menstruation. 

How to Reduce Bloating During Periods?

While dealing with bloating might be cumbersome and difficult, we’re here to help you by suggesting a few tips to manage your period bloat. 

Physical Exercise 

Regular physical exercise during periods is proven to alleviate period symptoms like bloating and painful cramps. It is advisable to keep yourself physically active on most days. 

Balanced and Nutritious Diet 

There are some foods that are notorious for bloating, such as salty, sugary or fatty foods. Try avoiding caffeine during periods too, staying caffeinated on your periods might not be the best to tackle bloating. Consume a rich fibrous (whole-grain bread, cereal, barley), healthy and balanced diet. Additionally, it is also advisable to limit processed foods as it is not the healthiest for you.

Proper Sleep

It is crucial for you to get a proper sleep during your periods. With ongoing physical and chemical changes that your body undergoes, sleep provides the best rest that you need during your periods. Maintain a healthy bedtime routine which is relaxing and calming to your mind and body.

Increase Water Intake 

Water intake during your periods can alleviate your bloating symptoms. Dehydration during periods can be one of the main causes of discomfort and bloating, it is necessary for you to increase your water intake. While there is no said amount of water that you should drink, try drinking enough to keep you away from dehydration and weariness.

Vitamin B6 & Magnesium 

Consuming a vitamin B6 and magnesium rich diet or supplements may ease bloating during your periods. While Vitamin B6 can be found in fish, poultry, potatoes and more magnesium can be found in avocados, nuts, legumes, tofu and more.



If none of the home remedies or tips work for you it is advisable to consider medication. They include birth control and diuretics. You must also note that the medicines that you consider should be prescribed by a doctor to avoid any risks or side effects. 


Avoid Tobacco and Alcohol 

Effects of alcohol during periods as well as tobacco, can worsen period symptoms like bloating. The best way out of this is to keep away from them. 


It is crucial for us to note that no two bodies are the same, each body has different symptoms of varied intensities. It is vital to note that if your bloating hinders your daily activities or is extreme, you should try visiting your doctor. Above all while you deal with difficult period symptoms like bloating or cramping, be kind to yourself and your body. Listen to your body and nourish it. To know more visit the Pee Safe website.


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