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Exercise during Periods: All That You Need to Know

Benefits of Exercise During Periods

It is no secret that all you menstruators know the feeling of finding that one comfortable position on your periods and the unwillingness to move an inch thereafter. While tiredness and fatigue come accompanied with your periods, it is crucial to balance rest with physical movements.

Exercise during your period might seem like a daunting thing to do, but it can help you alleviate your menstrual symptoms.  

It is a common misconception circulated that exercise during periods can worsen symptoms. While such a claim is absolutely false, there are some limitations that you must be aware of. Let us explore the benefits of exercise during your period. 

Benefits of Exercise During Period

While you are on your period, there are physical and chemical changes that your body undergoes, exercise can help alleviate them. 

Here are a few ways in which exercise benefits you during your periods: 

  • Improves Mood: While exercise is known to have benefits on your physical health, it can also increase the production of endorphins (feel-good hormones) thereby improving your mood. Endorphins are also known to be natural painkillers that help reduce uncomfortable period symptoms.
  • Reduces Fatigue: It is likely to experience fatigue during your periods as hormonal changes increase such sensations. Engaging in exercise boosts energy levels and reduces fatigue.
  • Alleviates Cramps:One of the ways to deal with painful cramps is to incorporate exercise into your period care. Light exercise is known to reduce cramps and increase blood circulation in your body. 

Exercises for your periods 

It is crucial to remember at all times that all bodies are different and they have different limitations. It is important for you to understand the limitations of your body and make informed choices.

It is best for you to engage in exercises that you can comfortably perform during your periods. 

Here are a few exercises that you can try out on your periods:

  • Light Cardio: You can set yourself apart from your full cardio workout routine and engage in light cardio and aerobic exercises. This will help you keep your body moving and promote increased blood supply. This will help you alleviate cramps and feel refreshed. 
  • Gentle Yoga & Streching: Yoga can be a great physical activity to engage in during your periods. Gentle stretching combined with breathing exercises can prove to be helpful in reducing cramps and pain. Engaging in yoga would also help you in an improved period flow.
  • Walking: A simple light walk during your period also counts as exercise. You can adjust the speed and distance as per the needs of your body. It will help you uplift your mood and also burn some calories. 

Limitations of Exercise During Period

Exercising on your periods is to make you feel better and not strained. While you might already feel uncomfortable during your periods, exaggerating it is the last thing that you would want to do.

Here are certain limitations that you should be mindful of while exercising during your periods:

  • Avoid strenuous exercises
  • Avoid exercises for prolonged durations
  • Avoid inversion poses in yoga 

Exercise and Period Products

Period hygiene is one of the most crucial parts of your period care routine. It is quite normal to be concerned about the products to use while exercising.

It is vital for you to choose a product that you are comfortable using, you could also try out menstrual cups or menstrual discs for heavy flow. You can also combine menstrual cups, discs, or tampons with a panty liner as the role of panty liners in your active lifestyle can be very crucial, by helping you avoid the chances of any spotting. 


Exercise during periods is beneficial for your overall health as well as to alleviate period symptoms. While it can be intimidating to push yourself to exercise on your period, it is crucial to be kind to yourself and understand your needs. Feel free to make alterations in your workout routine to meet the needs of your body and not strain yourself. To know more visit the Pee Safe website.


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