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Unveiling The Benefits Of Underarm Sweat Pads


Sweat plays an important role in maintaining body temperature and flushing out toxins from the body in the most natural way. However, it can be embarrassing, especially when you are sweating from your armpits in a public place. You may find yourself stinking among people, which does not give a good impression. It is common for everyone to be sweaty while playing sports or working out in a gym, but the t-shirt with a wet underarm area may seem unpleasant. You can’t control sweating, but you can control its effects by using underarm sweat pads.

What are sweat pads?

Sweat pads are hygiene products designed for absorbing the sweat in armpits. When your underarm is sweaty, it may cause a bad odour, making you uncomfortable. So, the sweat pads absorb that sweat and reduces the possibility of that unpleasant odour. You can wear them when you are going to the office, college, or gym.

The sweat pads stay right under your arms without moving here and there as you have to stick them on your clothes from the adhesive side. They are available in two variants:

  • Disposable underarm sweat pads (straight)
  • Disposable underarm sweat pads (folded)

Benefits of sweat pads

The sweat pads are essential for keeping your armpits dry. Additionally, there are more benefits of sweat pads:

  1. Controls armpit odour: Sweat is odourless. You must be surprised to know this, but it’s a fact that sweat has no odour. Now you would be thinking that why does your sweaty armpit smell unpleasant like an onion? This is because the bacteria present on your skin mix with the sweat, resulting in a bad odour.
    In order to reduce that foul smell from spreading all over, you can use sweat pads.
  2. Prevents sweat stains: Sweat is colorless. However, it can stain your clothes because of the following reasons:
    Sweat acidity: Sweat is slightly acidic in nature. It primarily contains water but also includes ammonia, urea, and salt. When it gets absorbed into the fabric, the acidic elements react with the dyes, leaving white stains or bleaching effect on the clothes.
    Antiperspirant: Antiperspirants consist of aluminium salts that are helpful in preventing sweat. When these aluminium-based antiperspirants combine with sweat, they can leave a yellow residue on your clothes. Therefore, wearing sweat pads can help you protect your clothes from getting stains by acting as a protective layer between your armpit and clothes.
  3. Reduces washing frequency: The sweat pad reduces the need of washing your clothes, as worn clothes mostly exhibit bad odour and white stains because of sweat. It can be favourable, especially during winter when it’s difficult to wash woollen clothes frequently.


How to use sweat pads?

Sweat pads are very simple and easy to use. You just need to follow the two basic steps given below:

  • Remove the adhesive peel-off strip.
  • Stick the sweat pad onto the inside of the underarm area of your clothing.

Now, you are good to go! Wear the underarm sweat pads all day long without worrying about the stains and bad odour.


Sweating can’t be controlled; however, the bad odour and stains caused by sweat can be prevented. Sweating is good for removing toxins from the body and balancing body temperature. So, take it as a positive phenomenon, and keep yourself dry and odour-free by wearing sweat pads. Additionally, sweat pads can protect your clothes from getting stained, and minimize the need of washing your clothes frequently. To know more, visit the Pee Safe website.


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