Step By Step Guide: How To Use Menstrual Disc?

Step By Step Guide: How To Use Menstrual Disc?


Menstrual discs are silicone-based menstrual hygiene products, especially designed for people experiencing heavy period flow as they can collect 55 ml of blood for up to 12 hours. They are cost-effective and are a greener alternative for reducing environmental waste.

If you are using a menstrual disc for the first time, or are planning to buy one for yourself, you are likely to have certain questions, such as how to insert it or how to remove it. Don’t worry! This step-by-step guide on how to use menstrual discs will solve all your queries related to their insertion and removal.

How to insert menstrual discs?

A menstrual disc is inserted into the vagina. It may be intimidating for you to insert it if you are using it for the first time; however, you can insert it comfortably by following these steps:

  • Wash your hands
  • Wash your hands to ensure they are clean and germ-free, otherwise, dirty hands may disrupt your menstrual hygiene. 

  • Take a comfortable position
  • In order to insert the menstrual disc, you need to take a comfortable position that would help in widening your vaginal opening. You can squat, stand with a leg up on a higher surface, or sit on the toilet seat keeping your knees wide apart.

  • Fold the menstrual disc
  • Fold the menstrual disc from the rim into half, forming an infinity symbol or “8” shape.

    • Insert the menstrual disc

    Be gentle at this step. Widen your vagina more with the help of your other hand and insert the menstrual disc into your vaginal canal using the forefinger. Push it gently towards your tailbone, and tuck the front rim of the menstrual disc behind your pubic bone. The disc will sit at the base of your cervix and stay right there till you remove it.

    How to find the pubic bone? You can self-examine the position of your pubic bone by sliding the finger inside your vagina and curling it up to feel the hard part, which is the pubic bone.

    Before inserting the menstrual disc into your vagina, you can use a water-based lubricant gel, Domina Raunchy. It is paraben-free and made from natural ingredients such as aloe vera, flax seed extract, castor oil, and sweet almond oil. It is comfortable on the skin as it is non-sticky and reduces dryness.

    Apply it on the rim of your menstrual disc and vagina to ensure easy insertion.

    How to remove menstrual discs?

    Now that the menstrual disc has collected your menstrual fluid for 12 hours, it’s time to remove it with the following instructions:

  • Wash your hands

  • In order to maintain vaginal hygiene, wash your hands properly to get rid of all the possible germs and bacteria.

  • Take a comfortable position

  • Relax and take a comfortable position. You can squat, stand with a leg up, or sit on the toilet seat with your knees wide apart.

  • Slide your index finger into the vagina

  • In order to remove the menstrual disc, slide your index finger inside the vaginal canal and hook it under the rim of the disc. Gently pull it straight out while making sure that the rim faces upward to avoid any spilling.

    Drain the collected menstrual fluid into the toilet and wash your menstrual disc. Reinsert it if you need to use it again, or sterilize it for the next menstrual cycle.


    If you experience heavy period flow, you should use menstrual discs to maintain your menstrual hygiene. They are absolutely safe to use as they are made from medical-grade silicone. However, inserting and removing them can be intimidating if you are a beginner. In order to get rid of your hesitation, you can follow the given instructions. Additionally, using a natural lubricant gel can help you in easing up the insertion process. To know more, visit the Pee Safe website.

    This blog is written by Komal Gupta 

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