The Vagina’s Acting Up, Is It an Infection or Not?

The Vagina’s Acting Up, Is It an Infection or Not?


Vaginal Health and Testing.

Hey, did we just catch you googling symptoms of yet another “it feels like I’ve got an infection down there”? We’re glad we did because you’ve got to read this first. 

Unusual vaginal symptoms like burning, foul vaginal odour, itching, and discharge worry every woman. And, the toughest decision to make is whether it’s time to see a doctor or not. This anxiety and worry that comes due to such symptoms are completely okay, and before we go on to testing for infections, let’s discuss a healthy vagina.

The vagina is made in a way to keep itself clean. And that’s why going overboard with products can mess with the natural pH levels, hence causing discomfort. Keeping yourself in good health through a nourishing diet and regular exercise contributes to your vaginal health. So, do your bit by cleaning the vulva (the outer part) with water and mild soap, and trusting your vagina to keep itself in good shape.

Coming back to unusual feelings down there, it’s a good idea to consider testing before visiting a doctor as it’ll help you accurately identify whether you’ve got an infection or not. And, all of this while sitting at home.


Testing - Vaginal Infection pH Screening Kit

With this Vaginal Infection pH Screening Kit, testing has been made quite simple and convenient. The kit comes with a pH screening paper, colour chart and a sterilised cotton swab to help you determine your pH levels, safely and accurately.

Sit back and gently insert the cotton swab into your vagina and then, for a few seconds, rub all sides of the same swab on the strip. Next, compare the colour of the strip to the chart provided. 


Here’s what it means:

  • Vaginal acidity is measured on a scale of 1 to 14. 
  • Normal balance: 3.8 to 4.5 , Median: 7            
  • Anything below is acidic, and anything above is alkaline. 
  • This kit helps you identify whether there’s an abnormal range of acidity or alkalinity; which is the indication of a vaginal infection. 

      The best way to get answers and kick out the anxiety is to run this test and take a suitable next step. 


      ✍️ This article was curated by Chandni Menda.

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