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The Most Interesting Public Washrooms Around the Globe with Pee Safe


Yes, I know it is hard to believe that public washrooms can be great too. I’ve always had no so pleasant experiences and always used to avoid using them. But at times it is difficult to avoid the nature’s call and you have to go because you have to pee. Thankfully we have Peesafe for our rescue now. It is an amazing toilet seat sanitizer spray that starts sanitizing the toilet seat within 5 seconds of spraying. A public washroom is a germ infested place and a home to a lot of disease-causing bacteria. Washrooms especially public washrooms can be gross at times with the toilet seat, flush handle, tap, and the floor being the dirtiest and most infected places. It is always better to take all the necessary steps and precautions to avoid getting infected by these nasty organisms. Toilet seat sanitizers like PeeSafe are now available for our rescue as they help in sanitizing the toilet seat and making it germ-free and safe for use. PeeSafe is surely a wonder product as it helps remove germs and starts sanitizing the toilet seat in 5 seconds. The PeeSafe bottle is compact and handy and is available in 3 sizes 10ml, 40ml &75ml. These products really live up to their slogan 'Be Safe with PeeSafe'.

So now let’s read about some of the most amazing public washrooms around the globe. You surely would be surprised


This public toilet in Norway has one of the most spectacular views. It is on the edge of a cliff and offers the users a breath-taking view. This public toilet has been designed by Todd Saunders from Saunders & Wilhelmsen and was built in Fall 2005 and opened to the public in June 2006.

 Image credit: Jarle Waehler / Statens vegvesen


This public washroom in Switzerland is one of its kind. Not only a two-way glass structure, this specific outline has been made with LCD Privacy Glass whereby the dividers just turn dark after locking the entryway. Designed by Olivier Rambert as a  social experiment, it actually tests the mettle of the users. This ‘Toilet with a View’ won the RSA competition in 2002.

Image credit :Daniela Tonatiuh


This public toilet is very unique and was a mastermind of UriLift International BV to take care of the public urination issue. The retractable toilet rises from the ground during evening and sinks below during the daytime. They are actually pop-up urinals that have been placed in areas where they are required the most. More than 100 of them have been installed in various parts of London, Borough of Westminster, Lambeth, Reading, Colchester, Taunton, Newquay, Belfast, Amsterdam, and  Rotterdam.

Image credit: UriLift International BV


With a height of more than five meters tall and with an a la mode gold punctured metal exterior, this in public washroom remains at the focal point of a recently finished and pedestrianized range of Wembley, North London.  Designed by Gort Scott, the base of the washroom is made of concrete that can withstand the inescapable thumps and scratches of substantial use. The structure turns into a filigree, gleaming metal screen, taking into consideration light and ventilation without giving perspectives access.

Image Credit: Gort Scott


This public washroom, created for the city of Uster in 2011 and designed by Gramazio & Kohler, is a model and will be introduced in a couple of years throughout the city. The design of its frontage, comprising of folded, vertically-arranged coloured aluminum strips, can adjust to different building sizes and shapes. The colour scheme can be customized according to the surrounding area.

Picture Credit:  Gramazio & Kohler


The Trail restroom designed by Miro Rivera Architects,  on the banks of the Colorado River in Austin, Texas is both a public washroom and a great sculpture that actually enhances the beauty of the landscape. The washroom comprises of 49 vertical Corten steel plates with varied width and height. The panels are organized along a spine that curls at one end to form the restroom walls. The plates control the  view and allow the entry of light and fresh air.

Picture Credit: Paul Bardagjy

I’m sure these pieces of art truly took you by surprise .Till the time we have something like this here we should equip ourselves with PeeSafe toilet seat sanitizer spray in order to have  a safe , clean and germ-free public washroom experience.

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