Essentials of a female backpacker

Essentials Of A Female Backpacker


'You do not travel if you're afraid of the unknown you travel for the unknown that reveals you yourself.' -- Ella Maillart

Travelling is considered the best way for soul searching and exploring one's limits. While traveling has its perks, it involves a lot of risk for women travelers. But let’s keep in mind if plenty of women do reach home safe and sound or not. And with few precautions, you can be all safe and sound. Because traveling is an experience which one must have, so let’s not kill the joy and essence of it by restricting ourselves from it.

Here is a basic guide for all our women travelers

  • Do a thorough research on the places you’ll be visiting especially about the culture of the city. For example, in some countries, women are generally covered. So, some clothes could be classified as revealing to them. It’s important to dress in clothes through which you can gel up in the crowd which is important for not attracting attention.
  • Buy a bag from some popular local store and carry your essentials in it. This would keep pick pockets away from your backpack. It would also show your knowledge about the locality and you’ll not be considered a complete outsider.
  • The utmost importance is a proper backpack which suits your requirement for the trip to be made. The backpack shouldn’t be too heavy and big for you to carry. In past few years the manufacturers have realized the female body type and hence there are a variety of backpacks available in the market for women.
  • A small traveler’s kit for the toiletries which should contain a large supply of sanitary napkins, medicines for motion sickness/fever/cough/cold/pain with a prescription. Also, instead of sanitary napkins and tampons, there are Menstrual Cups available in the market which are easy to dispose of.
  • Staying hydrated is crucial. Carrying water is a must as clean water might not be easily available while on road. Also, it flushes out bacteria of the body and killing your chances in getting UTI or other infection. Using a PeeSafe also becomes essential.
  • The chargers and multi-pin plug point should be kept in the bag first. Every other essential can be bought in the way but these can give you a hard time. And in today’s world, technology is a must to connect.
  • Wearing neutral colors tends to invite less attention. Colors which blend in the environment and the crowd must be preferred.
  • Similarly, tight clothing is a direct 'No'. Certain countries have a little conservative outlook towards women and tight clothing which attracts attention and may also lead to harassment. Carrying a pepper spray is mandatory for every woman who loves traveling.
  • Always remember that there will be some other traveler with same luggage as yours so tie a ribbon or make some sort of mark for distinguishing which is easily recognizable by you.
  • Flashing cash or expensive jewelry will certainly grab attention. If buying a money bag is difficult, hiding the cash in the bra or between clothes is suggested to many.
  • Be aware of your surroundings, observe and listen to the local crowd around you. This will help in gelling in with the mass and this would automatically make it easier for you to decide about your clothing.
  • DO get a jest of the local language as it’ll surely help you to navigate around and remember learning a new language is always fun!

Hope these pointers help in making your journey smooth and hassle-free. And you embark on your journey feeling a little for safe!

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