Feeling Sick After a Vacation? Airborne Germs May Be the Reason

Feeling Sick After a Vacation? Airborne Germs May Be the Reason


There are plenty of times when we have to take a flight to reach our desired destination.  Reason for our travel could be work, meeting a family member or a friend or simply going for a vacation.  Traveling can give you lasting memories but you don't bad them to be bad. Sometimes traveling can be the cause of airborne diseases such as cold, flu, fever and many such infections. What could be the reason: the food, the water, the beverages, or the airport?

Yes, Airports can be one of the reasons for a degraded health after a vacation because of the surfaces one touches in transit.


Can airports really make us sick?

Studies show there is an increase in vulnerability to illness when you travel by air. Millions of people pass through airports for their travel. Confinement to a closed space along with a large number of people and the shared air is another concern. Every surface and area at the airport is covered with germs as these numerous people who walk through the airport daily touch things. Door handles, tables, elevator buttons, handrails, and other high-touch items are often covered with nasty stuff and may not be hygienically cleaned.

Another place that is full of germs at the airport or the plane is the restroom. Germs and bacteria are everywhere. Studies have found E. coli on almost every surface—including the toilet, lavatory flush buttons, handrails, sink area, and door.

Cleaning crews will typically only remove trash and wipe down lavatories between flights, meaning your tray table and armrests are left with whatever germs the previous passenger may have left behind (those surfaces usually get cleaned during overnight stops). As for the deep cleanings, when seats are shampooed and every surface is sanitized? Those only occur about once a month—at best


What should we do to protect ourselves?

Your hands are the first point of contact with cold, flu, and other germs on planes and at the airport. It is a direct line from armrest to fingers to fork to mouth to full-blown fever a few days later. Scientists report that the viruses that cause colds and flu can survive for hours on your skin or on solid objects and surfaces.

The best advice to stay safe is to ‘wash your hands thoroughly’. But every time we cannot rush to the washroom to wash our hand with soap and water.  So what is the alternative? A hand sanitizer like Palm Safe is the solution for all your queries. Palmsafe hand sanitizers are portable and can be carried anywhere anytime. You just need to squeeze a little and voila! You are sorted.  Every time you touch your eyes and nose, cough or sneeze, touch things at the airport use a hand sanitizer. Use Palmsafe to sanitize your hands before any in-flight meals and after your flight as well.

Develop a hygienic habit by using PalmSafe Hand Sanitizer for all your travels.

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