Can You Wear Panty Liners Regularly?

Can You Wear Panty Liners Regularly?


You are all dressed up, about to leave your home, and suddenly feel that uncomfortable ooze of vaginal discharge in your favourite panty. Uh oh! Your excitement level goes down instantly. However, if you wear a panty liner, you don’t need to go through that struggle of changing your underwear at the last moment.

The vaginal discharge lasts for a number of days, raising the question if you can wear these panty liners every day? You can’t keep changing your underwear frequently, especially when you are in a public place. It is also difficult to bear the feeling of moistness down there, and if you end up wearing the same underwear without any protection to keep yourself dry, the hygiene may get disturbed causing you discomfort. So yes, you can wear panty liners every day as they provide protection from uneasiness and keep you fresh and dry. 

What are panty liners for?

Panty liners are small, thin absorbent pads designed for maintaining vaginal hygiene. These are 185 mm wide and are made up of cotton, ensuring an effective absorption of the vaginal discharge. 

The vaginal discharge can emit an unpleasant smell. In order to prevent the smell from spreading around, you can use Aloe Vera Panty Liners. The presence of aloe vera makes them antimicrobial, making sure that you stay odour-free.

What are panty liners used for?

The panty liners are not only used for keeping you fresh during vaginal discharge but also for other reasons:

  • Surprised Spotting: Spotting happens when you bleed from your vagina without being on your period. It may happen due to hormonal changes caused by physical, mental, or emotional stress.

  • Panty liners can provide you protection from getting your underwear stained. The blood flow during spotting is very minimal, hence panty liners are a great fit for the days when you experience surprise spotting.

  • Last day of periods: The menstrual blood flow is very minimal on the last day of your period; therefore, you don’t need to wear a tampon or a sanitary pad as they have comparatively high absorbency. So instead, you can wear panty liners in order to maintain menstrual hygiene on the last day of your period.

  • Protective layer when wearing a tampon or menstrual cup: Menstrual cups and tampons are leak-proof; however, improper insertion can lead to leakage. When you are a beginner, you may find it difficult to insert them initially and may be skeptical about the leakage, so you can wear a panty liner to stay carefree.

  • When a hilarious joke cracks you up: There are times when you hear a hilarious joke and crack up instantly. However, you may find yourself peeing a little while laughing hard. If this happens to you often, you can wear a panty liner and protect yourself from the embarrassment of visibly wet pants.

  • Conclusion

    Ultimately, panty liners can be a great addition to an everyday essential as they keep you fresh and dry. Panty liners use includes absorption of vaginal discharge and protection from getting your pants wet when you crack up after hearing a hilarious joke. They act as a protective layer when you are using a tampon or a menstrual cup for the first time. Additionally, they can be your saviour for surprise spotting. To know more, visit the Pee Safe website.

    This blog is written by Komal Gupta 

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