Quarterly Subscription Pack For Easy Period

Quarterly Subscription Pack For Easy Period


Ever heard of the story- Boy cries wolf? Well, that's precisely what happens to all of us, doesn't it?

We enter the washroom expecting some blood stains but instead it's the daily discharge. The next day, we again rush to the washroom only to find discharge AGAIN. The next time there's a sensation of something being excreted from our vagina, we've already convinced ourselves to not bother to even move a muscle because it's discharge.

But when is life really that predictable? Of course it's not discharge! By now, the underwear is stained only to realise that we've got no sanitary pads left in the box. 

The next obvious move would be to stuff your underwear with tissues and make a run to the chemist. 

Well, not anymore! 

The subscription pack has been introduced to avoid this exact situation because running to the chemist is simply too tiring and just not worth it. 

With this subscription, your period is covered for 3 months and you'll be receiving a new box timely every 3 months. 

It includes 14N of Regular 100% Organic cotton Biodegradable Sanitary Pads, 18N of Overnight 100% Organic cotton Biodegradable Sanitary Pads and 32N of disposable bags. 

The subscription box is the easiest thing for this century. We've got too many things on our plate and keeping a constant check on our pad stock can be slightly impossible.

Pee Safe has made this entire process quick, easy and economical. Every pad is 15% cheaper helping you save a decent amount of money.

Get your packs now! 

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